Under the Trasteverean Sun


This is the second time I will have written this blog, because the first time what I posted deleted itself. It’s pretty late here but I’m determined to not fall behind so I’m writing it again. I grouped the pictures into three categories: fountains (2), meals, sights seen, and the view from the top of Janiculum hill (described below).

The last two days have been busy and filled with wonderful moments. Pictured here are the highlights from the last two days. Yesterday we started out exploring Trastevere, a district to the southwest of Rome’s center. It’s full of shops and restaurants and is generally closed to traffic in the middle (but of course some mopeds disobey). From Trastevere, where we had lunch at Dar Poeta, a pizza shop recommended to me by my dear friend Katie, we journeyed across the river and up into the city of Rome again via the Ponte Sisto (a famous bridge). We meandered into Campo de Fiori too late to partake in the action, but we might go back. We made it to the Pantheon and finally to the Trevi fountain.

Going to the Trevi fountain has been on the top of my to-do list since the possibility of a trip to Rome arose. As a girl I watched the Lizzy McGuire movie a lot, in which she heads to Rome on a school trip and visits the Trevi fountain first thing upon arrival. While there, she throws a coin into the fountain, makes a wish, and almost immediately meets Paablo, an international pop star. The Trevi fountain was magical for her, and has become an icon for Rome for me ever since. Finally in front of it, I cried. It was wonderful to feel a dream, even a small one, come true. I was glad for my sunglasses and for the moment I got to myself to simply Be. I didn’t even take a lot of pictures, but I will remember being there for the rest of my life. The other fountains we saw were beautiful as well and deserve to be commemorated. I find it ironic and amusing when birds perch on them as if they’re any other piece of stone in the world. It’s a juxtaposition of humane prowess and awe-inspiring creation and of mother nature’s everlasting influence on us. The gulls don’t care if they’re pooping on an ancient sculpture. They just appreciate the elevated and warm place to rest. They’ve been doing it for hundreds of years, and they’ll keep doing it until the statues crumble. It’s nice to think of all the things that have passed the statues by and all the lives they have entered, even just for a gaze or a preen.

We were also lucky to stumble upon Janiculum hill while attempting to find the botanical gardens. From the top we were afforded a beautiful panoramic view of the city. In the picture you can see a huge white building with sculptures on top. That’s the building i visited the other day with the statue of the guy on the horse. The proper name for the building is Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. I didn’t realize how big it was until I saw its towering force from the top of Janiculum hill.

Today we decided we needed to relax and not stomp around Rome for another full day so we adventured south and found the Olympic village from when Rome hosted in 1960. We paid €16 euro each and relaxed by a tranquil pool. It was exactly what my tired feet and body needed. I finally feel like I’ve recovered from the cold and cough I got just before coming to Italy.

Tomorrow we’ll venture into the city again to see the Vatican City. From there, the day is open. It’s been nice to leave things rather unscripted. So far we’ve found some really fantastic things by allowing ourselves to get happily lost and not worrying if we miss a bus because we were still wandering. Here’s to more relaxed meanderings and discovery!

2 thoughts on “Under the Trasteverean Sun

  1. That’s the way to do it, just wander, and if you find yourself in a horde of backpackers, go the other way! Glad to see a kitty, they were one of my favorite parts of traveling there. It seemed like every kitty on the coast had eyeliner….ahhh Trevi…


    1. There’s a new kitty in Elba that’s been following me around. This morning when I woke up she was looking in at me through the window, and when I went upstairs to make breakfast she followed me into the house while keeping her distance. She’s small, like Maple, but black, white, gray, and brown with green eyes. So pretty!


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