Accentuate the Positive


One of my favorite songs is Accentuate the Positive. Plenty of people have done versions of it, including Sam Cooke, Ella Fitzgerald, Paul McCartney, Bing Crosby, and Johnny Mercer. My favorite version is done by Nancy LaMott. I tried to do my own version of it (in life, not song) yesterday.

I really missed the Cottage. When I was cleaning up from dinner around ten pm I was imagining, across the globe, all the meeting members finally going down to the beach. I was imagining all the younger yet independent cousins going fishing and generally making mischief. Is there still a zip line? I hope the bouy got hit at least ten times throughout the day. I bet the lake was amazing. I had a 4th of July without fireworks or s’mores! Campfires are illegal here because it’s so wooded and dry. But, the name of the game is Accentuate the Positive, so I’m going to tell you some of the positive things from my day yesterday.

I got to talk to my Dad early in the day while I was still making the bean salad, which was wonderful. It was great to see a family face while I was hating being away from everyone on such a fun day.

Right afterwards I Facetimed with Douglas and got to see him and my three other great friends eating at a diner that I’d last been to with my Dad and the Greater Young VDH Population. They were getting fueled up for a long day in the sun by the pool with plenty of grilling in between trips to the river. That’s a fun 4th of July, too. I’ve done it twice.

I had a fun break with Paul and Sep out by the white wine pool drinking Jack & Cokes, eating plums straight off the tree, and listening to Pretty Terrible But Also Great music off Paul’s phone. Apparently there are a ton of frogs that live in that pool. If you tiptoe down the path and hide behind the gate, you can make a sudden noise and watch them all jump, en masse, into the pool from the brick wall upon which they’ve been sunning themselves. I want to do this with my camera sometime and try to get a shot of them all midair. I bet it would be amazing. The picture above has us in it. Paul’s standing under the plum tree to take it. The picture also features Sep trying to get the new grill to light (also kind of terrible, but Blessedly not Bottomless) and of the porch before anyone (or any of the food) arrived. The next picture is of the food I made, minus the boring looking coleslaw.

I got to eat some delicious hot dogs and sausages. That’s always a positive of the 4th of July. I also got to wear my favorite dress. I only got it a little dirty. I usually wear it with wedges, but I didn’t bring any so I had to wear it with flats. I made the wrong choice of heels to bring. Had I brought the wedges I would have worn them several times by now. I brought the pumps instead, and they’ve been Utterly Useless.

I also got to go to bed early, so I’m not that tired today. Huge plus.

I won’t tell you about the Not So Great things I had to try really hard to overpower with my positivity. I’ll just say that Independence Day is far better in America.

Now, unfortunately, Avis’ sister and her husband are leaving. They’ve been wonderful guests. Dinners have been lively and thanks have been liberal. Paul has had someone with whom to obsess over soccer (football…ugh). They’re both very charming and make the atmosphere around here calm, optimistic, lighthearted, and enjoyable. I’m sad to see them go.

I have no idea what I’m making for dinner tonight. I have several bell peppers I didn’t put in the bean salad. I could revive it for tonight’s vegetable with some crushed tomato and roasted pepper. The meat dish is a mystery. I have one rabbit in the freezer but it won’t be enough to feed seven. I asked Avis to either pick up another one or get whatever meat she wants me to cook from the grocery store while she and her sister are out. It will be a surprise! I have already made a delectable mushroom cream sauce (better than the last time) from the mushrooms Sep soaked yesterday with the idea to sautée them into a sauce for the burgers. We didn’t get that far, so his vision of burgers smothered in provolone and drenched in portabella mushroom sauce was sacrificed in the name of Feeding Hungry People, Quickly. Apparently the burgers were delicious anyway. I don’t know because I happily ate about four sausages and hot dogs and, contentedly so, wanted to die for about four hours afterward.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a picture of how enthused I am to have to get up off this couch and prepare lunch using all the greasy leftovers from yesterday. Ciao.

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