Island #2


Hey guys, that’s the rabbit I cooked. Look, the butcher was kind enough to include its head. Complete with eyeballs. I’m sorry if this is too gross for some of you. Scroll away.

The other food is some Salvaged Beans from the 4th and some delicious mushroom pasta I created without a recipe. I used white wine, white wine vinegar, garlic, and cream to flavor them.

Here’s where we went on Sunday, aka Yesterday, aka I’m Sorry I Haven’t Posted in So Long:


As you can see, it was GORGEOUS. It warrants not only a capital letter but a whole caps lock. It’s the most lovely place I’ve been to.

It’s another one of the islands in the Tuscan Archipelago called Pianosa. Super small, and very flat. It used to be a prison island (not quite so far as a penal colony) until about 2003 when everything was finally dissolved. The people who ran the island’s prison and rehab centers believed not in heavy handed strict rulings but, flexibly, in a teaching/learning style. The prisoners worked in the fields and took care of livestock to realize the value of hard work and to serve penance for their crimes. Now it’s just a beautiful destination. Large parts of it have also been separated from real human contact for so long that various species of plants have grown apart from their counterparts on Elba or Capraia, for example. Much of the island is a natural park and therefore protected.

We arrived on a ferry around 10:30 or 11 and immediately went to the beach. It was so wonderful. The sand was fine, there were no crustaceans or other spiny things to step on in the water, no rocks, no seaweed, and no jellyfish. The sun was shining, a very slight breeze was blowing, and the water was cool and refreshing. The best part was the beach glass. It was endless! I must have found 20 pieces in the ten minutes I looked (I didn’t realize the abundance until right before we left). The second best part was the sandcastle building. We didn’t have buckets or shovels so we made a drip castle instead. I don’t have pictures, so you’ll have to imagine it. It looked like a bunch of stalagmites grew on the sand suddenly and in a rather perfect oval formation.

We spent several hours there and then went on a bike tour of the island. I felt several things while biking. #1: Awe. The views were spectacular. #2: Boredom. The tour guide was purposefully, controllingly, and infuriatingly slow. He also didn’t allow us to pass him. #3: Thankfulness. Most of the paths were comprised at least in part of loose stone, and I was glad I’d been mountain biking in wales so I knew to stand up with my pedals level in order to have the smoothest descent. Everyone else (except Paul, Sep, and a few others) were bouncing around uncomfortably on their bums the whole way (which was 2 hours). #4: Pleasant Tiredness. It wasn’t a crazy hard workout on account of the speed, but it was a good workout nonetheless.

I’ll leave you with a group of random pictures I like that don’t fit anywhere else. One’s a photo of my plan for the week. I hope most of it sticks, but I know a lot will get changed. Another is a candid of Sep I got while experimenting with modes on my camera. The last is of a truly spectacular spider web I missed but that Sep immediately noticed when he walked in the kitchen this morning. It must be because he’s so fall it was on eye-level with him. I’m not unobservant…..👀


This week I’m throwing the professor’s vibe off by adding in, here and there, recipes of my own (or ones I’ve found) that aren’t in his Bible of Recipes and Menus. We’ll see how it goes!

One thought on “Island #2

  1. Just returned from a trip to Northern Michigan and am catching up on your blog…Love the beach…I’m with you it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Also appreciate Sep’s Wild Things t-shirt…Max was always a favorite in our house!
    Keep living the good life…small stove, broken bbq and minor injuries included! Can’t wait to eat your cooking when we next visit!
    Aunt Barb


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