Not To Rub It In…..

….but I love my life here. It’s perfect.

(Incidentally, you know who don’t love their lives right now? The Brazilians.)

I wake up before everyone else and have a few quiet moments to myself. Well, quiet aside from the coffee grinder and the unloading of the dishwasher.

Then, after breakfast, I have a few hours to do whatever I want to make my life easier. Sometimes I have to grocery shop, which is the Worst, and sometimes I plan weekly menus, which is the Second Worst but is Getting Better. Other times I write blog posts or make pasta sauce (if possible with the extreme delay between creation and comsumption). Then I prepare lunch around 11:45 or so, depending on what I have to make. Caprese salads take hardly any time at all, but microwaving leftovers is a pain and takes more time than you think. It is a microwave with no buttons. The knob to turn it on is the Worstest. (What’s worse than Worst? I don’t know, but either way I think I’d like some bratwurst.)

I have been instructed to stop buying expensive cold cuts, so I will make lentil soup to take their place at lunch. The worst part about this is that bowls will be necessary and I will have to either run the dishwasher or wash the bowls by hand after breakfast because we only have nine. It’s a rough life.

After lunch I really have time to myself. Sometimes I stay home and write blog posts or upload pictures. Sometimes we go to the beach. Yesterday we went to the beach. The one closest to Casa Fangati is called Norsi, which I think I’ve mentioned before. We’ve recently started going to the left instead of the right once we get to the beach and I like it a lot more. It has less dried seaweed blowing in your face, fewer people, and more interesting things in the water. I managed to fall asleep on the beach, I mean really fall asleep (not just doze) for the first time. It didn’t last long, which is probably good. Had Sep not poured water on me, I would have slept forever and gotten a weird pebbly tan. I was covered in peastones.


Here’s some pictures of random stuff around the house. The pink flowers are Bougainvillea. They grow in big bushes, and they’re everywhere in Italy. I think they’re amazing. If I ever got a tattoo, it would be of a Bougainvillea vine. I have no idea what the blue flower is called, but it’s impressive. I love the lion statues because it looks like they’re just hanging out together at the top of the steps, contemplating who’s going to bite the next person who walks by. The one on the left looks like he’s doing most of the talking, and the one on the right looks a little miffed that he’s being talked to. They’re kind of Curmudgeon Lions, in my opinion. Not very regal.

The wine glasses are just pretty. I walked in the dining room to finish setting the table yesterday and got distracted by the sunlight and spent my time taking pictures instead of putting water glasses on. I caught a bit of flack for that later, but oh well.

Tonight I’m making some kind of creamy zucchini sauce for pasta and a pork roast. Yay. Pictures to come!


(Oh, by the way, the food in the first picture is veal shank (schinco), fusilli with zucchini and mint, and roasted eggplant with caponata sauce. It was very strong, which means I enjoyed it quite a bit!)

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