Time Flies


I’m having fun. That was dinner two nights ago, when I posted about Florence. It was pork roast, pisellini alla fiorentina, and a pasta who’s name I forget that contained all the strong ingredients. It wasn’t that great, actually. It was confusing and tasted too strongly of capers, anchovies, and olives.


This was last night’s dinner: chicken in liver sauce (and some without), my favorite zucchini boats stuffed with ratatoille, and caccio e pepe (cheese and pepper) pasta. Super simple, easy, and fun. It was a good day.


And then tonight’s dinner: arista (pork), zucchini with a lemon egg sauce garnished with parsley, and pasta with eggplant tomato sauce. Everything was, in my opinion, delicious. The arista wasn’t as good as last time because I didn’t have whole peppercorns (the tops apparently don’t come off the pepper grinders in Italy?).

Tomorrow is the professors birthday and I’ve just completed the meat dish, vitello tonnato. The meat is so tender it’s falling apart. So, tomorrow I’m going to cheat and try to find some veal at the supermarket to add to the dish so no one complains that there aren’t any tender, thinly sliced, clear pieces of veal to be found. Right now it’s sort of like corned beef hash and I’m frustrated, worried, and annoyed.

Remind me to never bother to make homemade mayonnaise again. What a process! With the right utensils it might be easier, but as it was I spent over an hour holding an electric hand mixer that was stuck on turbo mode. I’m not kidding: there was no difference between 1 and 9 on the dial of intensity. Go hard or go home, I guess. Mayonnaise is an emulsion, which I broke the first time I tried to make it. The second time I spent a painfully long time drizzling olive oil into the egg yolks so that it wouldn’t get overwhelmed and fall apart. It worked out well, and now my delicious homemade mayonnaise is part of a weird tuna/veal dish. By the way, this birthday dinner is served cold, which is totally unappetizing and against my better judgment. I wish I could make chicken.

You guys get to hear about my struggles with baking supplies tomorrow. I’m going to either attempt a sacchertorte (the recipe looks great, thanks Mrs. Levatich), or a Moosewood chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling. I love the idea of the sacchertorte, but if I have to salvage this veal thing I might not have time to play around with a new recipe. I know how to make the Moosewood recipe in my sleep. The sacchertorte would be fun to make at home with all my familiar supplies and my trusty Kitchenaid mixer (although the mixer might not be necessary). Maybe if I make a tasty enough cake they’ll forget about my failure with the tuna veal mess.

I’m exhausted. I’m truly barely awake right now, and bed is calling. Several times today I felt defeated, like there’s no way I can finish dinner or even continue standing. Every time I immediately downed either iced earl grey tea or coffee. It helped, but I’m crashing times five and seriously need to sleep.

Buonanotte! 😴💤🌛

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