The Lordly Underpants


Made you look! This post really has very little to do with The Lord or his Underpants, except I think it’s hilarious that a real lord (English) came to stay and that, on the day of his departure, his underpants and socks were still wet on the clothesline and had to be dried on a space heater. He also helped me light the stove one morning after an enormous thunderstorm had knocked out the power overnight and tripped the breaker for the kitchen. I tried flipping all the switches I could find, but the one for the kitchen wasn’t among them. He lit pieces of paper on fire while I switched on the gas and together we managed to get a burner to light so that the daily oatmeal wouldn’t be sacrificed to the Gods of Italian Electrical Wiring.

Anyway, the picture above is the meal I made two nights ago. It’s spinach with mushrooms, garlic, and truffle oil, chicken fricassee in white wine with garlic and rosemary, and spaghetti bolognese. The bolognese sauce really needed more time on the stove, but I was a Noob and didn’t read the recipe early enough to realize it takes 5 1/2 hours to do properly. Tomorrow the main pasta dish is lasagna and I’ll start the sauce much, much earlier, at like 9 am. So there.


That’s the vegetable dish I made yesterday: sausages with lentils and fennel. I still can’t find real fennel (anise) anywhere in Italy, so whenever a recipe calls for it I’ve been substituting with fennel seeds. The dish was delicious the night I served it. It appears that the hours it spent in the fridge between cleanup last night and lunch today have not improved its flavor. I think it’s the vinegar’s fault.

And, also in that picture, are the clams you see opened and looking tasty in the picture below. I made them into spaghetti sauce.


It was good, but not as delectable as my Dad’s. I was skeptical about using tomatoes the first time I tried to make clam spaghetti so I used a more traditional lemon, white wine, and parsley recipe. I had to improvise a bit. I thickened the sauce without realizing how much moisture the pasta would absorb and I used butter to enrich the taste. So I broke some rules. But, if there were rules at all, they were made to be broken, right? I was happy about it, and so were the people eating the dish. That’s all that matters!

Tonight I find myself with a rare amount of free time that has me wondering what I’m forgetting to do. I guess I’ll go pick salad from the garden to kill some time.


2 thoughts on “The Lordly Underpants

  1. Oops, I meant to write delicious photos. Although your stories are metaphorically delicious. And in this post are demonstrating the value of an intriguing headline and/or opening sentence!


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