More Good Food


So that’s some broccoli with garlic and parmesan and Dean’s favorite zucchini mint pasta. Not too special, but tasty. We had veal chops to go along with it, but I forgot to take their picture.


Then I made lasagna! It was good. This ones pretty classic, but I also made one with only ricotta, spinach, and pancetta. I almost liked that one more. The meat was arrosto di maiale al latte, which basically means pork loin braised in milk. I did it right this time, and actually allowed the milk to coagulate and darken into balls at the bottom the pan. Once the pork is done and the milk darkened like that the meat can come out, the fat can be removed from the pan, and the milk balls can be dissolved with a bit of hot water and flavored with salt and pepper. It’s delectable.

The combo of asparagus, peas, scallions, and basil (plus some leftover spinach) was pretty delectable too. What grows together goes together, but I think lots of garlic, doubled amounts of butter (obviously), and a pinch of salt coax them even further into gastronomical harmony.


And then there was last night. We had pasta (tagliatelle) in tuna sauce (delish, my favorite), rabbit stewed in white wine, and these amazeballs eggplant things I found on epicurious. I tweaked the recipe a bit, as per usual, and was quite pleased by the results. I fried the zucchini in an herb butter/oil mixture, sprinkled goat cheese on each piece, layered tomato, spinach, and Parmesan, added some pine nuts on top, and folded each one over onto itself to create a sandwich. If they were too small I used two slices at once. They were fantastic. I got lots of compliments on the whole meal!

Tonight I’m having my friend Phoebe Kotlikoff over for dinner. Two guests have also arrived, which is fun. Phoebe and I rowed together in high school, but we unfortunately lost contact with each other when she left for college (at the Naval Academy) a year before I graduated from Ithaca High. She’s at Harvard now for graduate school in public policy and using this summer to travel (and work at the EU) before she returns to the Navy for several years to drive submarines. She’s kind of the coolest person I know. I’m thrilled she came to Elba for a few days (she’s working in Vienna), and it’s been awesome to reconnect!

Today is windy, cloudy, and cool, so we’re staying back during the 4-hour break to nap and relax. I’ll use the time to go on a quick shopping trip for salad greens and white wine and also to get a bit of cooking done early. I can’t decide if the veal I have defrosting will be enough for ten, so I might nix it in favor of chicken which is much easier but will need to be manually defrosted with the microwave. We shall see.


One thought on “More Good Food

  1. Another great use of the English language: “coax them even further into gastronomical harmony.” I now want to move to live nearby to wherever i is you end up living so that I can cook with you. Such food!!!


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