Able Was I, Ere I Saw Elba


That’s apparently a Napoleon Quote, but it’s disputed as to whether some scholar later assigned it to him or if he was really clever enough to come up with such a Poetic Palindrome on the spot. It’s fitting, though, for our adventures today.

(By the way, the food in the picture there was from dinner yesterday. The vegetables were my creation of zucchini, peas, and mushrooms sautéed with anchovies and sauced in a white wine reduction. The meat was veal stewed in white wine and sage, and the pasta was alla gricia.)


That’s Phoebe! She came for dinner last night, which was super fun. I wished she could have come on the hike today, but we didn’t manage to get in touch with each other before I had to leave so as not to hold the others up.

Christoph says “ere” means before, but when I heard the quote today I took it to mean therefore. We hiked the tallest mountain on Elba today, and as a result of our able bodies we were able to see Elba like we’d never seen it before. Here are some pictures of the hike. I didn’t take my camera out a lot because it was quite steep most of the way up and we only rested once. Taking it’s largeness out of my backpack is difficult and therefore I don’t do it as much as I should.


By the time we made it to the top, I had bruised my knees, exhausted myself (happily), and worked up quite an appetite. We were up in the clouds! I took a video of them, but I can’t figure out how to download it onto my iPad to put it on here.

I’m home now, and I might be permanently stuck to this couch I’m so tired. Sep downloaded my favorite movie, Bridesmaids, so we’re all going to watch it. I never thought it was a chick flick, but now I’m worried it’ll be too silly for them. They strike me as the action film crowd, but we’ll see!

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