Please Rain on my Parade


Phoebe had to leave on Monday, which was sad, but we got to go to the beach one last time!


We went to Laconella, which was fun because it was close to where she was staying and novel to us (we’ve only been to Lacona). Sep built an enormous cairn and we played some beach tennis.


Then I came home and made some tasty food! The pesto was easy and delicious. The veggies were a conglomeration of leftovers and, for the sake of convenience, steamed zucchini. The chicken (breasts stuffed with pork) presented a problem. If I’d had butcher’s string to tie up the rolls the dish would have been much better. As it was, I had to hold the rolls together with toothpicks, which didn’t allow the sides to brown and barely allowed the chicken to cook all the way through. I suppose it kept them from getting tough and dry, but it was a pain and I was constantly worried that the inside of the rolls wouldn’t be cooked. It was fine, but it was a pain in the neck on a night that I ended up being crunched for time.


This was last night’s meal: mushroom pasta, green beans in a lemony garlic/ginger sauce, and pork loin pan-roasted with bay leaves. The pork turned out to be delicious. On par with how good the Arista was the first time I made it. I think it’s all in the abundance of the pepper, and perhaps in the salt rubdown I gave the meat before I browned it all over.

It’s been raining for two days straight here, which I don’t mind so much because I get time to relax, read, sleep, and watch Parks and Rec. I was so tired yesterday that I overslept in the morning, through both my alarms, and just barely got breakfast ready in time. Thank goodness I had enough leftover oatmeal for everyone and just had to reheat it. I took a much-needed nap in the afternoon from 1-3:30. When I woke up I looked at my iPad clock, realized the tablet had no wifi signal, thought the clock was therefore wrong, looked at the light outside, decided it must be late morning of the next day, realized that meant I must be late for breakfast again, leapt out of bed, and finally ran into Sep, who corrected the errors in my evaluation just as I was freaking out about having to start oatmeal and coffee. Upon this realization I felt exceedingly stupid and went back to sleep until 4:40, just in time to prepare 5:00 tea.

Tonight I am making all new recipes: one of my own creation/alteration, one from Marcella Hazan, and one from either Epicurious or Food52 (my new best friends). I’ll let you know how that combo of preparation turns out tomorrow!

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