I Get Some Perspective



I put these two photos right next to each other to show you the difference between a day when I’m thrilled to be cooking, happy with the world, and generally relaxed and a day when I dread the kitchen, hate everyone, and feel wound up and cross all day.

One meal was delicious, rich, and wonderful. The other was dry, uninteresting, and rather insufferable.

On the Good Day I made a delicious lemon parsley chicken dish, rigatoni with spicy sausage sauce, and zucchini with basil. Everything was awesome. Yesterday I attempted to make what looked like a tasty baked eggplant dish online and what turned out to be a bunch of flat, dry, salty eggplant-esque chips with a stale mouth-feel (Uncle Will, I’m pretty sure it was me and not the recipe that caused this. I might try it again with zucchini). I also tried to do a breast of veal stuffed with pancetta and rosemary but that failed too because I didn’t realize the butcher hadn’t taken the bone out. Turns out when you don’t realize there’s still a bone in the center of the roast you go ahead and stick the meat thermometer in all the wrong places, get wrong readings up the wazoo, and overcook the meat. I’m pretty sure it might have been the worst meat I’ve made since the Pork Bricks, but at least there was a tasty sauce to go with it. Once I poured the pan dribblings over it, the meat somehow rehydrated and was slightly palatable. It didn’t add to my (practically nonexistent) good mood that I made fettuccine with Gorgonzola sauce to start as per Marcella’s recommendation for an introduction to the stuffed veal breast. I dislike blue cheese, so I didn’t partake in the first course. I fought with carving the meat while everyone else was eating. It was hateful.

I need to get my mojo back. The guests have left and Paul has gone to Bologna for his three-day weekend, so that leaves just six of us to cook for tonight. I think I will make chicken francoise instead of bothering to defrost the rabbit. If I have to pick rabbit heads out of a bloody bag full of other miscellaneous rabbit parts today will turn into another day like yesterday. I’m totally with Alexander; on my Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Days I also want to escape to Australia. Or the beach, which is much easier.

2 thoughts on “I Get Some Perspective

  1. I, too, would rather not pick rabbit heads out of a bloody bag full of other miscellaneous rabbit parts. I love what you are doing and cooking and learning about yourself and ingredients and relationships and timing!


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