Getting Back in the Game


Friday night: farfalle alla fiaccheraia, zucchini with chili, mint, and toasted almonds, and chicken francoise. #dopesquad.


Saturday night: spaghettini with fresh basil and tomato, rabbit stewed in white wine, and my own vegetation creation. It started out as mushrooms, but there weren’t enough for everyone when they cooked down. I added cipolline (pearl onions) that I didn’t realize were steeped in wine vinegar in their jar and therefore wouldn’t become sweet. I wish I had realized this before I added capers, but oh well. I had to combat this new acidity with some anchovies, beef broth, and cherry tomatoes. I wasn’t satisfied until I figured out what sweet ingredient I was missing about half an hour before I served the dish. Luckily I had some frozen peas that I could defrost, throw some butter on, and add to the dish to cut it’s tangy richness. It turned out well!

Today we are going on a Sunday Adventure that I will update you on either tomorrow or Tuesday. Probably Tuesday because I have to do the dreaded shopping tomorrow.

That is all! Ciao!

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