We Scoot Around


Yesterday we rented a scooter and traversed the island in the Most Dangerous way possible. Actually, biking along roads might be more dangerous because cars zoom around you. At least on a moped you’re going basically as fast as everyone else so there’s no dangerous passing involved.

It was really fun! The first beach we went to was near Capolivere. The second beach was near a tiny town before Cavo. I have no idea what either of them were called, but it was fun to discover new places.

Those are just a few selected shots from our journey. I was snapping pictures and videos the whole time, but since we were constantly moving they came out blurry more often than not. There were several good scenery shots, but the coolest one was the one I included of the low-hanging clouds between the mountains. The others were pretty standard compositions of things I’ve already posted before.

Also, there’s a circus in town. It’s annoying because the employees toss flyers into your open car windows at stop lights and harangue you to come visit. I think circus animals live sad lives and I don’t want to promote their continued torture, so I refuse to go. The restaurant at which we all ate (Pizza 2001) was right nearby, so I took a picture (mostly because of the kitty).

I have a terrible headache, so I’m going to sleep. I don’t know how I’m going to summon the energy to make dinner tonight, but maybe a nap will help!


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