The Last Sunday


I can’t believe it’s actually time for that title to be accurate. The Adventures we went on this Sunday to Sant’Andrea were the last ones we get to have this summer on Elba. I’m kind of reeling; this summer went by incredibly quickly in a blur of fun, food, and friends.

So, Sant’Andrea is an awesome beach. To get to where we were one has to walk away from the attractive sandy beach and along a path carved into the big smooth rocks you see in the picture. Once you’re there it’s awesome for swimming and exploring. Sep and I broke off from the sunbathers and found, much further down the rocks, a beautiful cove. The geology was quite something. I don’t have a camera that can handle being underwater, unfortunately, but if I’d had a Go Pro you’d be seeing some incredible things. It’s like a coral reef made of stone set under really old magma flow formations. I stole some other peoples’ better pictures off the internets because I was too busy to try harder and get better shots of my own:



Yesterday there was much wildlife to be found around the property. Little tiny green frogs and a super small lizard. There’s also geckos that climb the walls of the house and eat the Mosquitos. We love them. I also included a picture of the Professor on his daily walk because it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. He always takes someone with him and I always see them come up the driveway, deep in conversation, while I’m finishing up the prep for dinner. It’s a nice routine.

Speaking of dinner:


That was Mondays dinner: Pork in Milk, butter roasted carrots and peas, and this amazing pasta made with sweet summer vegetables. The sweet corn was actually decent. I was really worried because it comes packaged in plastic, but I was pleasantly surprised by its taste. It’s hardly Earlybird corn, however. I’ve been missing that all summer.


And this was last night’s dinner. I made chicken fricassee with herbs and mixed mushrooms in a white wine reduction. The vegetable was frozen, unfortunately, but I really wanted to make roasted cauliflower so it had to do. It turns out the only way you can get cauliflower is in a package with brussel sprouts, broccoli, and artichoke heads. I bet the dish would be better if I actually made it with fresh cauliflower and added the pano breadcrumb topping. We have a guest who is gluten and dairy free and therefore she can’t eat anything I’d normally cook. I did manage to find gluten free pasta, so we’ll see how that goes. The pasta last night was awesome, in my opinion. I roasted eggplant, tomatoes, and bell peppers with garlic and oil and then combined them with the raw tomato sauce I’d made with basil and heavy cream. The topping is pesto without the oil and with extra cheese for crumbliness. It was divine: the perfect mixture of cooked and raw. I can’t wait to eat it for lunch, which is in 40 minutes. I need to go make it!

One thought on “The Last Sunday

  1. This may be one of your best posts yet. Beautiful scenery, jewel-like animals, a photo of the professor (whose presence and gustatory opinions loom over many of your posts…), and — of course — mouth-watering images of your latest culinary creations. Thank you for sharing your summer so vividly with the rest of us. It has been an ongoing delight to read it (and salivate) all summer long!


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