The Smallest Crowd


Above: Clam Spaghetti the Dad way (Delectable, this time, and with linguini), veal stuffed with rosemary and garlic and pan roasted in red wine, garlic, tarragon, and black peppercorns, and peas in a mint-cream infusion. It was awesome, in my opinion, and unfortunately there weren’t many people around to see it. This is actually a compilation of pictures from two meals. I made clams two days ago, with chicken breasts and scalloped tomatoes (neither of which I photographed). Last night was the veal and peas but I made (and also forgot to take pictures of, grr) fusilli with a lemony mushroom, garlic, and asparagus sauce and herbed ricotta. It was awesome. You can find the pea, pasta (fusilli), and scalloped tomato recipes on Food52, my favorite food website.

On Wednesday we had a Misadventure. We went to Cavoli, which is my favorite beach here on the island. It’s where we sit on top of the enormous white boulder above the rest of the long sandy beach. There were huge waves (for Elba standards) and we body surfed them all day. Unfortunately, when we got to the car around 3:30 to leave for home we discovered it was fully boxed in. Here’s a picture:


You can see there was no hope of escape. See the black car’s nose touching our bumper? We were appalled at the aggression. There was also, helpfully, a cliff to our right and directly in front of us. Here’s what we did next:

1. Panic, but just a little bit
2. Panic more when we realized no one had the house phone # memorized
3. Breathe small sighs of relief when we discovered Sep had his phone
4. Become frustrated when the first bar we went to didn’t have wifi
5. Breathe bigger sighs of relief when we discovered better wifi at the next bar
6. Celebrate when Sep pulled up the email with the house phone number
7. Become extra frustrated when we asked many people to borrow a phone in my broken Italian and no one would let us
8. Celebrate again when we finally got a bartender to let us use his cell phone
9. Feel dashed of all hope when the house number wasn’t working. Turns out it is broken, in a very well-timed way
10. Realize, with dread, that the parking lot was private (marked only by two short red poles by the entrance) and that the person behind us probably owned the parking space
11. Worry that we were going to get towed because the Panda doesn’t have all it’s papers. If it were to be impounded we might not get it back because it’s proof of ownership has apparently been lacking since 2001
12. Decide, therefore, that taking a taxi home in time to make dinner wasn’t an option because we had to stay with the car to protect it
13. Realize we had to get in touch with everyone somehow
14. Go back down to the bars and send everyone an email
15. Panic more because Sep’s phone was down to 2% battery
16. Realize no one was going to get our emails for a while because they were all in a meeting
17. Resign ourselves to a long wait
18. Play go fish, war, and rummy for a while
19. Send Paul to ask every bar employee if it was his or her car
20. Become dejected when that didn’t work either
21. Finally go back down to the wifi to check email with one last battery percentage
22. Discover that someone had gotten our email and that help was on the way
23. Walk up to the car at exactly the right time to meet our rescuers
24. Drive away, happily, having left a note on the windshield of the offending fiat,
25. And get a call, right then, from the asshole who parked us in saying that he was leaving now and that he was SO sorry.

So I didn’t make dinner on Tuesday night. We got home at 8:30. That’s why I didn’t put up any pictures.

All is well, now. Paul left this morning and Christoph left yesterday, which means that we’ve now come full circle and are back to the original crew (me and Sep). We do, however, have three more guests coming today. I was going to cook rabbit, but one of them is an 11-year-old girl and therefore I think I will not in case she’s fond of bunnies.

Two meals left! Aaaaaah! Home in four days! I’m excited, but not to travel.

I’ll post again soon!

One thought on “The Smallest Crowd

  1. I love the concept of a mint-cream infusion. Ahh, human beings! We can do such unexpected (and disrespectful) things to each other and to other species on this planet. It sounds like a very stressful adventure — and blessedly resolved. Deep sigh of gratitude!


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