Full Circle


I’m leaving. I’m in the Rome Airport at my gate, waiting to board my first plane to Dublin. I’m a whole slew of emotions right now.

I’m thankful for the summer I’ve had. I’m worried about grad school and how much work I’m about to have to do. I’m so happy that I get to hug Mary Bloom, Auntie Mery Caet, and Ryder tonight at 6:30. I’m miserable that I’m most likely never going to sleep in my cozy hammock-like bed at Casa Fangati. I’m feeling bitter sweet about never cooking in that kitchen again; the Bane of My Existence Stove had become a frenemy. I’m missing Professor Calleo and Avis very much. I’m DISTRAUGHT that my beach days are done. I’m thankful that I gained so many friends and had such an amazing experience. I’m happy to have learned.

I will miss:
1. Early mornings making oatmeal and coffee in the peace and quiet before everyone else is up,
2. Relaxing mornings cleaning the kitchen, researching recipes, and drinking strong black tea,
3. Ringing the stupid bell that I hated but now miss,
4. Heading out to the beach with the crew,
5. Alternating between being super hot and sweaty to cool and refreshed: laying out on the beach and diving into the ocean (respectively),
6. Floating in the Mediterranean,
7. Similarly, tasting the salt and lemon juice running out of my hair while showering off after the beach,
8. Dozing in my breezy room on days we didn’t go to the beach,
9. Going on crazy €200 shopping trips every Monday to get groceries for the week,
10. On the same train of thought, I’ll really miss the Trusty Panda,
11. Listening to music after break while prepping for dinner, singing the whole time,
12. Getting dressed for dinner hurriedly in the kitchen while everyone starts the pasta course,
13. Wearing the purple apron that every cook at Casa Fangati has worn (and will wear),
14. Watching people eat my food with gusto (usually),
15. Cleaning the kitchen properly after dinner,
16. Relaxing after dinner with the professor and his guests,
17. Going to town with the crew for nighttime escapades,
18. Stargazing on Norsi at night,
19. Sunday morning breakfasts (and also, in general, the Italian yogurt),
And 20. Being in Italy, surrounded by Italians, learning every day, and loving my life.

(I will NOT, however, miss the Italian Mosquitos. My legs look like they’ve been hit with shrapnel from all the bites I’ve sustained and scratched in my sleep. It’s bad. The mosquitos are so sneaky; you can’t feel them biting you until they’re gone, and if you do see them in time they’re so fast that you can hardly ever kill them. They’re also more deadly than American Mosquitos. Apparently they carry all the mosquito diseases easier than other kinds of mosquitos. Hopefully I haven’t gotten malaria or something.)

I’ve grown so much. Mostly I was incredibly happy; there were very few bad moments during my trip. I looked through my pictures last night while I was relaxing in my roman hostel room and it dawned on me that my food has gotten infinitely better since I arrived. I am going to miss cooking for a crowd, but I’m also excited to go back to cooking (cheaply) for one.

So, on to the next adventure! Maybe I’ll keep blogging while I’m at grad school. I could hop on the #100happydays train, or keep food blogging. Maybe I’ll be struck by inspiration on my travels home. Maybe my blogging days are over. Sometimes it’s better to just end things and give them their place. We shall see. For now, thanks for reading! Ciao!

3 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. What a wise and beautiful post! I am glad that you leave with warm feelings towards the professor and Avis — that you are missing them! I was never sure how much fear/dread there was in your relationship with him from reading your posts. And your sentence about the stove is funny and insightful: “the Bane of My Existence Stove had become a frenemy.” This happens a lot in life. Carly Simon wrote a wonderful, bittersweet song called “The Carter Family” that touches on this phenomenon.

    Indeed, your blog has been funny and insightful and honest and mouth-watering all summer long. I have been delighted to read your adventures — culinary, interpersonal, automotive, littoral — and also to savor how well you write. For purely selfish reasons, I hope that you continue to blog from time to time about your ongoing adventures with food/cooking/shopping/eating/feeding others as the anchor for your narrative — and that you continue to include your great photos of food, friends, sky, sea, historic landmarks, favorite views out windows, friendly animals and YOU.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing so much of your Elban summer with all of us readers!!!!


  2. Thank you, Arianna, for sharing your summer experience with us! It’s nice to get to know you through your blog, even though we can’t know you in person as much as we would like. Please continue to let us in on your life as it develops! Can’t wait for the next episode! We love you! ILY Aunt Elaine


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