A New Routine


I learned that it takes this much time to walk from my new house to my one and only academic building if I’m wearing flats. It’s the shortest walk to campus I’ve ever had in my two semesters (I’m starting my third) living off-campus. 

Today I’m embarking on a new blog project. I was going to adopt the popular #100HappyDays or something of the like (#100HappyMoments, #100HappyThings, etc.) but I decided to step outside the cliché and start my own trend: #100LearnedDays. Every day, from now until December 2nd (just in time for classes to end on the 8th!) I will write a short entry about something I’ve learned. It might be inconsequential. It might be personal. It might be something fascinating relating to Psychology that I’ve come across in my newly begun Graduate School Adventure. It might be funny, sad, or embarrassing. I hope they will all be entertaining. 


Today was my first day of classes at Old Dominion University as a first-year masters student. By the end of my two years here I’ll (hopefully) have earned a master’s degree in experimental psychology. I’ll be a master of research! The title, I think, is getting a bit ahead of itself. Is anyone really a master of research until they’ve gotten a PhD and published studies on their own? I’m going to co-author some awesome studies, but I don’t think I’ll be able to claim mastery by the end of my time here. In the name of optimism, I’ll certainly be closer! 

I had research methods and advanced social psych today. First impressions: (ten of them) 

  1. I concentrate too much on other peoples’ nervous habits (pen clicking, table slapping, hair flipping, mouth breathing…),  
  2. Too many professional people use the word “um,” 
  3. My professor for Social Psych is Cutter from AntZ in every way, shape, and form
  4. HWS prepared me incredibly well for the type of work I’ll be doing here, 
  5. I will rely heavily on my coffee addiction (at least on Mondays), 
  6. The southern accent is easy to fake/adopt (by accident/under pressure), 
  7. I’m not the youngest student, 
  8. I have the jump on my other research partner, 
  9. The professors are open and willing to talk with their students, 
  10. There are lots of things I need to learn about campus. 

Thank goodness I’ve already settled in to my house. I feel very comfortable here. I took a picture of my room after I finished setting it up initially: 


Isn’t it cute?! This picture is sans desk chair, which I assembled without too much Fuss and Bother later that day. It’s pretty comfy, but I’ll probably do most of my homework on my bed. I’ll do my stats at my desk because I think if I sat on my bed to do math things I’d fall asleep. 

I have to read two chapters in my stats book, come to think of it. I should probably buy said book as well. Good thing I have a blog to distract me now. 

To all my Rice Heritage family living in and around Ithaca: It’s my family’s Cottage week! I wish I could be there with you all, but in my absence please eat corn pancakes, jump in the lake until your lips are blue, ask my pesky brother about girls (and the rest of his life, I guess), eat smores by the fire, delight in the presence of Auntie Mer and Ryder, and listen to Uncle Willy play the ukelele! I miss you all! (Take pictures for my Mom, I haven’t sent her camera home because I had class all day and couldn’t get to the post office. I’m a Bad Daughter.) 

Trying hard, 

Your Everyday Arianna 

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