What to Do with a Whole Day Off?


Well, I realize the big image of this might look a little gross but trust me, it was delicious. 

On day 3 of my #100LearnedDays project I made steak tonight for the first time! Doug and I bought chicken, pork, and flatiron steaks when we went shopping on Sunday. The chicken went bad because I forgot about it (sadly), and the pork I made was super tasty but before I started this blog so I didn’t photograph it. Today I decided I might as well make the steak. If I waited to make it fresh for Douglas it would go bad because he’s taking classes at Academi all day (and night) and isn’t ever home for dinner. He can have leftovers. 

I made a marinade with soy sauce, red wine vinegar, olive oil, rosemary, thyme, red pepper flakes, whole black peppercorns, and garlic. It sat in its juices for a good long while and then I cooked it on the stovetop. It seemed totally backwards and weird to cook steak on the top of the stove! I feel like steak should only ever be grilled. How do they do it in restaurants? I guess on the stovetop. Can one bake steak? 

Well anyway, I cooked it on the stove, in butter, and with some red wine for extra flavor. When it was medium rare (which I actually achieved, amazingly) I took it off the stove and used the drippings to make gravy in my usual method (adding flour to soak up the buttery goodness). The result was pretty tasty! It was also, coincidentally, a birthday dinner. Ian, my housemate’s friend who’s between places right now for about a week, is sleeping on our couch. He turns 28 today! It was an opportune moment to make some tasty food. 

                                      10656401_10152672134601788_1804714877_n 10656152_10152672134711788_860907543_n

Today I was so bored on my day off that I actually got my butt to the gym. I’ve learned that I need to literally have nothing better to do to work up the motivation. I just finished Parks and Rec and I’m so dedicated to it and miserable that my other favorite TV shows haven’t started yet that I’m opposed to starting a new series. Nothing seems interesting. I can’t do any research yet because my advisor is taking the proposal to the IRB (a review board) tomorrow for approval. I can’t do homework for two of my classes because they’re cancelled for labor day next week; anything I learn for them now I’ll forget most of before I go to class again. I don’t have any stats work assigned for class tomorrow because we’ve only had one class. I even considered downloading the Sims again, but if I did I’d definitely never get my work done when I do have some. I don’t think this kind of day will happen very often, though, because I have a feeling the workload will ramp up here pretty quickly. 

Anyway, above are two pictures of the monorail that runs through campus. The project was never finished because the engineering department ran out of money to complete the rail and purchase/construct the train. Walking back from the gym today (with my head in my phone looking through music like a dummy) I very nearly ran smack into one of these huge white columns. See how, in the picture on the left, the columns are closer to the center of the sidewalk than they are in the picture on the right? Well, I was walking with the columns on my left on the way back and didn’t realize that the columns shifted to the right further down. Luckily I looked up from my phone in time to avoid a collision, but I looked like a dummy to all the people walking around me. I’ve learned to keep my head up when walking around and to turn down my music. There’s a lot of skateboarders around, and I’m a little worried that if I redirect my path of expected travel at any point I’ll get run over. 

10656586_10152672135331788_569976517_nSo I went to the gym and ran until my right arm went numb. It felt like I was going for an hour, but when I looked at my stopwatch it had only been 35:00. I’ve got this weird thing happening where my shoulder hurts a lot while I run and then it goes away for a bit and my arm goes numb. It can’t be a circulation problem because then the left one would be doing it too. I don’t think it’s my posture either, because I learned how to run properly when I went to work out (once) with Douglas’ family’s personal trainer. It must be some kind of muscle confusion or nerve pinching, but it’s certainly not comfortable. I also learned that I’m really out of shape. I should be able to run for longer than 35:00 without feeling like I might die. 

The gym is really cool though! If I can get myself there on a day when I’d normally be in bed all day watching a show I can definitely get myself there on days when I’ve already been productive. It’s easier to keep going once you’ve already started. Step one, every day, is to make my bed. Even though it’s a small task, it somehow makes tackling big ones seem less daunting.  

Happy Day 3 everybody! 


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