Brain Struggles

IMG_3895I had Stats Marathon #1 today. My brain doesn’t hurt now, but a couple times during lab today when we were talking about formulas and how to compute various things in Excel (even FASTER than a calculator) it shut down and I had to remind it to keep paying close attention. It’s like as soon as that sum symbol shows up my brain just quits. Apparently quits too, because it won’t accept the symbol when I try to paste it in here to show you all what I mean. It replaces it with a big S and a line break. Well, cool. Too bad I can’t replace stats lab with nap time. 

I learned today that, happily, I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my bed to do my stats homework. I can access the Old Dominion computer servers and all their programs remotely from my own computer! That’s what I’m doing in this picture. The featured image of today’s blog post is the stats analysis program I’ll be using for the rest of my career here: SPSS. Also known as the Bane Of (my) Existence. (Was the tiny stove in Italy, is now SPSS. BOE is subject to change.) 

So, on day 4 of my #100LearnedDays project, I learned that I can effectively and efficiently be a complete homebody and not spend countless hours in a dirty library. Yay! 


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