Of Course.

I’ve been missing Italy a lot today. The featured image is a bougainvillea flower. I associate them with Italy because they were all over every city (and Casa Fangati). I love them, TMD. 


Today I learned that bunnies, when let out of their cages to kick up their heels around the house, like to hide behind television sets and push all the movies off the shelves. 

(That’s Monty, the big fluffy rabbit that lives in my house. He’s pretty awesome.)

10650479_10152677144146788_389621649_oI also learned that I’m way behind the technological times. You’d think I’d been in my advisor’s office enough times by now to realize that the computer is that cylindrical metallic thing sitting next to the monitor, but no. I thought that the monitor was the computer. Definitely didn’t realize Apple had come up with the next-gen-model of the desktop computer, putting my previous conception of what’s most current to shame. My advisor was pretty delighted by my admiration of his gadgets. 

Today I figured out what kind of research I’ll actually be conducting. It’s a combination of conducting human vs. computer speed and accuracy trials, measuring humans’ trust of automated intelligence agents, and evaluating bias in human-AI working relationships. My task for next friday: learn how to program trials in ePrime and track down published articles on automation complacency. 

Unfortunately, today was the ninth installment of my semi-annual schedule mishap (Of Course). It seems I can’t get through the beginning of any week of classes without missing something important. This time I made it all the way until today when I missed my first meeting with my lab group. I confused the times for my individual meeting with my advisor with the lab group meeting and went to the wrong place at the right time. Also, I learned that my iPhone doesn’t make noises when calendar appointments show up. If I’d looked at my calendar my mistake might have been rectified. He was really nice about it and even let me try my hand at the research task. I definitely wasn’t as fast as the computer, but it wasn’t for lack of trying! 

Happy #100LearnedDays! 

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