Amazing Awaits

I learned how to make a pretty tasty 14 Bean Soup yesterday. I found the bean mix at Harris Teeter and was impressed by how pretty the beans all looked together. I added the carrots and the onions (and garlic and anchovies and BUTTER!). Altogether, with a little rue to thicken the broth in which I boiled the beans, they came together well.  

And as for the title, I’m feeling like amazing things do lie in wait for me. All I have to do is set myself up to experience them. I’ve been going to the gym almost every day, studying even when I don’t have to (like today), and trying to be as engaged as I can with the people around me. If I keep doing my best, every day, I think grad school will treat me well. Not to be too tacky or anything. I need to keep my optimism up after looking at all Mom’s pictures of my Rice Heritage family at the Cottage and my Dad’s pictures of the Detroit Jazz Festival. Both looked really fun and I wish I could have been there, so I’m trying to make my life here seem equally as exciting and enviable. 

#100LearnedDays continues with today, day 7. (Well, today is day 8, technically, but I was busy yesterday and I totally forgot to post this. I’ll do another one later tonight!)  

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