Words Abound, Wounds Aboard

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Yesterday, day 8, was my housemate Kelsie’s birthday! She turned 21 so we made her quesadillas at home and then took her to a Mexican restaurant so she could buy her first legal drink. She chose that giant Margherita sitting in front of her. The picture is screenshotted from a video of her taking her first shot of tequila, but WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload videos unless I purchase an upgrade. 

Unfortunately, events transpired last night (and today) that marked the end of my four-year relationship with my boyfriend. I don’t want to tell you all about it, but I will say that the time we had together was wonderful, genuine, and worth every second. It ended in a bad way, but I’m learning a lot about myself and about the decisions I make. Isn’t that a nice meaty chunk of #100LearnedDays right there? 

A character in the TV show on in the background just announced to her FBI partner that sarcasm never helps and that he should read a book all about it. Ironic. And also, ironically, these roses were scattered around campus today, lying there on the sidewalk. It was too perfect. 

I also had a pretty interesting stats class today. Sometimes I enjoy stats. After a night of emotional chaos, the sturdy familiar stats language and predictable tables were comforting. I’m actually enjoying reading chapter 3 in my ANOVA textbook. It’s taking my mind off things. I stayed focused in lecture today, too. I haven’t done stats in a while, not in such an in depth way. Getting my teeth into some stats theory about why we use degrees of freedom in analyses and how to increase the power of an experiment was exactly what I needed. Am I crazy? 

My professor was in some kind of mood today. He started out class with Pharrell’s “Happy,” playing in the background, progressed to the powerpoint with a cartoon about grad students studying pointlessly late into the night, delivered several wise words of wisdom throughout class (that I wrote down and included below), and forgot part of the equation for standard error of the mean while talking about t-tests and r-squared values.  

  1. Power is an a priori game (theoretically rather than observationally derived) 
  2. (Grad students should) tolerate ambiguity and embrace dichotomy 
  3. People (in general) and researchers (specifically) should never be satisfied with “approaching significance,” or with trying to find significance where it doesn’t exist. 

So there we go. #100LearnedDays full of statistical knowledge applied to real life scenarios. It’s the real deal here. And it’s time now for me to pick myself up, bury myself in my work, and start anew. That’s all I can do. Mistakes are made. The silver lining in this case means that many things can, will, and must be learned. You know what my life is right now? Wide open and ready for anything. What else could I be? 

We will find out 🙂 



4 thoughts on “Words Abound, Wounds Aboard

  1. Metaphors can be found everywhere even in statistics…. Please email or call if you need/want a listening ear. You are wonderful and surrounded by loved ones who believe in you and your destiny!!!
    We do,
    Aunt Barb and Uncle Rich


    1. Yowza. This is a huge entry. Kelsie’s rite of passage into official “adulthood” as well as your news about relationship status. Fascinating that studying statistics might be a healthy and comforting counterpoint to big, emotional transitions in one’s life. I echo Barb and Rich’s comment above. Lots of us love you from near and far. And we love your former boyfriend, too, and wish him well.


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