<3 My Housemates <3

You know, I’m learning that I’m not a fan of this blog format. I wish there was a way to make the featured image not be so up close and personal. The enchiladas I learned to make on day 10 of my #100LearnedDays project look much better from further away: 


                      Ashley made them.

Turns out enchiladas are burritos with special sauce poured over them and then baked with some cheese sprinkled on top. Who knew! They’re pure Deliciousness. 

I had a lot of long, heartfelt conversations with the people I love today. One in particular was very tough and many of the others were tearful but they were all loving in some way. I started this day off feeling terrible and I’m ending it feeling positive and determined. 

I took a class during my sophomore year of college called Personal Empowerment. It was incredibly valuable, and it taught me something I’ll never forget. Even in our deepest, darkest, scariest moments, we have to remember that we are Lovable, Important, and Valuable. Our teacher had us make stickies with those words on them to stick to our mirrors, doors, cabinets, binders, etc. They were supposed to be ideas that pervaded our daily lives and seeped into our souls. Every human is lovable, important, and valuable. Those are the self-beliefs to hold on to. 

I learned that I’ve let a lot of things I loved about life fall by the wayside. They’re not super drastic, and I’m not trying to be sappy with you; I’ve just fallen out of the practice of keeping up with them. So, here’s another list of things I’m going to do with my time here at ODU, starting this new phase of my life (the first thing being determined to stay positive during stats class): 

  1. Journal again. I had a cousin who journaled every day of her life. When she died there was this amazing record of her long, well-lived life. I actually used to title each new journal “The #th Installment of the Tribute to Ms. Nichols: Things I Want to Remember but will Definitely Forget Unless I Write Them Down.” I need to start doing this again. 
  2. Go to Quaker meeting. It’s really nice to sit in a room full of accepting, warm people who aren’t going to ask you to talk unless you have something truly moving to share. It’s nice to shake peoples’ hands around you after an hour of quiet reflection. 
  3. Start working out again, regularly, seriously. I was so fit while I was rowing and I miss feeling like I’m on top of my game. It’s been a nice respite from the hardcore life an athlete leads (especially in college), but I think I’m ready to take my fitness into my own hands again. 
  4. Take voice lessons. I tried to sing along to Mulan today (my housemates and I have a shared love for Disney) and I couldn’t even sing “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” or “Reflections” without dropping to the lower register. I don’t have breath support anymore and it sucks! I miss being able to belt out broadway songs whenever I want. I think I’ll start singing to Dad’s Long Tone CD in the shower. And find a good voice teacher. It’s so fun! 
  5. Hold myself accountable for everything I do. Be more truthful, loyal, and loving. The best teacher I ever had was Mrs. Craig in high school spanish. She was a she-wolf and she whipped us all into shape. Her motto was that anything done without integrity hasn’t been done at all. What better place and time to bring integrity into the picture than graduate school? 

We touch the lives of those around us for such a short moment on the space-time continuum. We have to make those moments count, always. I’m learning (the hard way, the only way) to embrace my mistakes, learn from them, and move on. It’s hard, but it’s incredibly valuable and I’m forever grateful. 

Oh- the title. I do love my housemates. They make me enchiladas, buy me ice cream when they know I need it, and let me organize the kitchen. They’re the greatest! 

Should I join a sorority? It’s never been an option before but they’re seriously everywhere on this campus. Maybe I’ll learn to skateboard instead- they’re equally as numerous. 

Happy 10th Day! 

4 thoughts on “<3 My Housemates <3

  1. I am delighted and astounded to read today’s blog entry. Hurrah for enchiladas! Hurrah for the space-time continuum in which we — amazingly — exist on planet earth. And thank you for reminding us that we are all lovable, important, and valuable.


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