Thunder (and cake?)

10683352_10152692063386788_1550223943_oYou deserve to see the sky by which I was greeted as I walked out of lab tonight. It was gorgeous. I’d just spent four hours inside freezing cold buildings doing stats and I walked out into the warm evening air to a beautiful sight. It had been raining all afternoon, so the humidity had finally dropped. I observed so many differences in how Norfolkians treat rain as compared to Ithacans or Detroiters. 

  1. People here are REALLY concerned about their hair. I walked between the building in which I have stats lecture to the building in which I have stats lab and I must have passed ten girls on their phones complaining to someone else that their hair was getting ruined. I get it, and I empathize, but the sheer number of them and the faces of disgust they all wore was impressive. 
  2. People here apparently don’t get that if it’s been thundering threateningly all morning that it might rain and that therefore they should bring/wear/own a raincoat. Or an umbrella. Or shoes that aren’t going to get ruined by a drop of water. 
  3. People here are also clever about how to stay dry when it rains because they didn’t bring/wear/own any rain gear. I stayed outside my lecture building to wait for the latest downpour to subside before I walked to lab and witnessed a very strange event. A girl came walking up very calmly to the building carrying a comforter. She was soaking wet- one of the people who wasn’t dressed properly for the rain at all. She came up to a girl who was standing next to me (on the phone, complaining about her hair) and put the blanket over both of them. Then the two of them walked out into the downpour using the blanket as an enormous rain poncho. Why didn’t the girl have the blanket over her before if that was how she intended on using it? Hilarious. Guess the other girl didn’t need to worry so much about her hair- she was very dry. 
  4. Rain is more cleansing here, somehow, than it is anywhere else I’ve been. The humidity and the mugginess build up so much, I guess, that when it finally pours it’s a relief and the whole earth seems to sigh. It’s really nice. When it rains in Ithaca it’s almost like a dramatic child had another breakdown. Everyone just kind of grits their teeth and bears it and waits for the enormous raindrops to stop pounding their windshield before getting out of their cars ten minutes later to bright sun. (Someone gave the child some ice cream.)

I also learned that some dogs don’t like baths but will grit their teeth and bear it when they need to be cleansed of fleas. The neighbor dogs, though friendly, were infested and we’ve been battling them ever since Dezie went on a playdate recently: 

IMG_3926Isn’t she adorable? I think we finally got them all. She’s currently covered in baby oil and looking a bit like a drowned rat. Her skin was so dry from all the bathing and flea treatments she’d been enduring that we had to moisturize her somehow. Poor thing. 

10686476_10152692063251788_249801364_oThere’s a hound mix that lives down the street from me! I walk past him every day. He’s always out in the yard. I’ve learned that when it’s really hot he only barks at me twice because it’s too much effort to keep going. And he likes to hide under the bushes to stay out of the hot sun. His owner is very nice- there’s another very jumpy (as in dog’s got ups) black retriever mix that also lives there, but apparently he isn’t allowed out on his own on account of his ability to jump over the fence to greet unsuspecting strangers. 


+10 points for anyone who knows what these are! I can’t believe they’re still selling Lunchables, and on a college campus too. I also can’t believe they haven’t hardly changed since elementary school. 

I also had cake today when I got home, leftover from Kelsie’s birthday cake. It was thundering while I ate it and it reminded me of one of my favorite childhood books: Thunder Cake! 

That’s all for today, folks. I’m thankful for a lot of things that happened today and I’m happily tired and ready to fall asleep watching Netflix, surrounded by pillows. 

#100Learned Days (Day 11!) continues! 

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