Mind: Officially Blown

I think I learned something today about writing code in ePrime, which is what you’re seeing in the featured image. I don’t understand the task yet, even though I spent an afternoon coding it with my adviser. There are still tons of kinks to work out, especially (ironically) concerning the block of code you’re seeing in the image. It involves the stimulus rectangle’s size changing based on a standard normal distribution. We can’t seem to get the stimulus to appear in its two conditions (short or long). I know this is a terrible explanation, but it’s just about all I can give you at the moment because I don’t understand it well myself. I’m a visual learner with things like this, and it helps a lot when I have a goal clearly pictured in my head. I don’t have that yet, so I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around the experiment. 

I have a dental situation. I think my top wisdom teeth are finally coming in. I’ve been able to feel them under my gums for a while but they weren’t close enough to the surface to make a difference. Now, however, my whole top jaw is sore. I’m not worried, though, that I need surgery because I can feel that there’s plenty of space for them to come in without disrupting the other teeth in my mouth. It’s not a very comfortable process, however. It kind of hurts to smile for too long and I definitely have a headache from the programming, stats, and this weird tooth pressure I haven’t felt since my 14-year-old molars came in. After hanging out with my roommates and talking on the phone with friends I felt like Tourguide Barbie at the end of Toy Story 2. She makes her final appearance at the end of the movie to send the audience out with cheerful goodbyes and friendly reminders to put all their garbage in the receptacles by the exits until, after a while, she ends with, “Are they all gone? Is everybody gone now? Are they gone…OK GOOD. My cheeks are killing me; I can’t keep smiling like this anymore I am exhausted!” It’s a good problem to have, I suppose, but I still might take an ibuprofen before bed. Or eat more frozen peas (which is what I had for dinner because they felt so good to chew). 

#100LearnedDays continues into day 17 (tomorrow). I’ve really been enjoying this and I feel like I can definitely make it all the way to the end. I have 84 more days to come up with my next blog idea, so I’m confident a great new idea will come! 

One thought on “Mind: Officially Blown

  1. You’re teething! How interesting that a graduate student can still be experiencing a basic dental/developmental growth step…and how painful. In addition to eating them, you can also use frozen packages of peas as an icepack. The code looks mysterious, magical and important. I am very impressed by how you keep plugging away, climbing patiently up your new learning curves. It is also amazing to imagine all of the feedback loops (which is often what computer programs incorporate) going on in our bodies at every moment of the day and night, and all the feedback loops linking the plant worlds with the animal worlds with the fungal worlds with the bacterial worlds, etc. etc. Who coded all of that?! ooo uw


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