I Increase my Campus Knowledge

This morning I went to an appointment at the enormous student center and enjoyed visiting it for the first time since the tour I took in May with my Dad. It’s an incredibly extensive student center; I have only experienced the front part of it between today and the day in May when I visited the welcome center. Today I found out that not only does the building contain a Subway but also has a Starbucks. I wonder if (next semester if I find myself with extra time) I might try to pick up a few hours there. I’m pretty good at making Starbucks drinks after all my years at the Cellar Pub at HWS. It was the best job. 

I also looked up how whether getting a bar tending license is an impossibility. Turns out that financially it’s quite possible but not until I get a car (which is not at the top of my to-do list). The class location is too hard to get to by bike not due to distance but to the type of roads I’d have to use (enormous highways). It was kind of fun to research though! 

I also got an email from my stats professor today reminding us to read chapter four (on individual comparisons of means, now that we’ve learned how to test an omnibus null hypothesis) and including this lovely comic: 

IMG_5244It’s pretty accurate. Whenever I’m stressed out about stats it’s everything I can do not to eat my supply of mini chocolate chips. I need those for oatmeal in the morning- they’re an essential component to the deliciousness. 

I also met THE CUTEST puppy I think I’ve ever seen today. She (Luna) lives down the street from me with a very sweet and innocent looking undergraduate boy. I met them on my way back from the appointment as I was approaching my house. I looked up from my music to see this tiny puppy galloping down the sidewalk toward me. I knelt down to say hi and she immediately flopped on her back to get a belly rub (how could I resist?). She was perfect, with teensy puppy teeth and soft fluffy fur and huge paws. She’s interested in everyone. In this picture she’s in the flop position waiting for some scratches and watching another person approach further down the sidewalk. He wasn’t interested in petting her until she followed him and got caught in his untied shoelaces. She certainly brightened my day! 

IMG_2128(By the way, she’s half Black Lab and half Husky.) 

#100LearnedDays continues! Tomorrow is another day of statistics. Hopefully I’ll come away from it feeling encouraged and capable. I’m trying to remain optimistic and remember the exercise we did in class on the first day! 



One thought on “I Increase my Campus Knowledge

  1. I like your naming of “the flop position.” Dogs and cats (and other animals, too) are much more comfortable asking for contact/touch than many of us humans are… I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more about Luna in future posts. Kinda cool that your beloved black lab hybrid back in upstate NY is named Stella (Latin for star) and this black lab hybrid is named Luna (Latin for moon…) On another topic, last night (maybe even while you were composing this blog post?) I was buying 10 bars of dark chocolate on sale at Whole Foods. I am guessing most of them will still be in the chocolate drawer in our fridge when you come to visit. 60% cacao with (variously) ginger, mint, cherries and currants. Yum! As great aunt Adelaide said many times, “life is about moderation in all things…”


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