+10 TA Points

First things first: today I learned that frozen fruit in yogurt for breakfast is delectable. Who knew? I’ve been so spoiled by the abundance of fresh fruit all summer that I can’t eat yogurt without fruit in it anymore. I’m out of bananas and no one puts apple in yogurt, so my only option was to kick it with the frozen goods. It turned out to be an awesome discovery, and I’m going to have it for breakfast again tomorrow.

My delicious breakfast set me up well for stats lecture today, in which I discovered the alternative to the ANOVA/post-hoc dynamic duo. Sometimes, when testing for variance between several means, one wants to know more than whether the groups differ at all. In this case we put aside the omnibus F test and bring forth the linear contrast model. It allows us to say whether group A differs significantly from group B and whether group B differs significantly from group A but not from group C, etc. It’s an a priori test, meaning that we don’t even need to do the omnibus F test first if we don’t want to (which is unadvised but possible). Believe it or not, this is actually one of the most simple hypotheses I deal with these days:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.03.25 AM

Yayyyy! Doesn’t that look fun? It turns out that it actually is kind of fun. Or maybe it just seemed fun because I did the calculations in class correctly. I also got sufficient sleep and ingested enough caffeine to be awake and present in class. I didn’t zone out and therefore I didn’t miss even 45 seconds of the lecture.

This is what my formula sheet for the first test looks like. The linear comparison model formula is on there, but it’s buried in the mire of terrible horrible no good very bad statistics mumbo jumbo.


Anyway, stats lecture was fun. I usually have a snack to bring my spirits up after lecture but I forgot today. Even without a spoonful of sugar stats lecture ended up being fun as well. I figured out where I had gone wrong on lab 2, finished lab 3 completely, and stayed after to get help from the TA. She’s quite nice.. She’s definitely not the kind of TA people dread; she really knows her stuff and she helped me a lot. We walked from the building in which lab is held back to the psych building together and I learned a bit about her which was fun. She doesn’t eat breakfast, loves to run, and hates the heat. Her home country is Hungary, and when she goes back her family makes her eat breakfast.
IMG_1419I was also entertained today by this lovely piece of origami someone left behind in stats lab. I’m not sure what it is, exactly, but it looks like a star fighter from Star Wars when you turn it on its side and a regular rocketship when it’s standing up like it is here. I almost took it home with me but then decided against it and left it in the lab room for others to enjoy.

And finally, I learned that eating a pseudo omelette for dinner is perfectly acceptable and possibly preferable to many other meals one might construe. I quite enjoyed my breakfast-for-dinner burrito. That’s really all I have to say about that. It’s not fancy but that’s why it was awesome.

IMG_2486So, #100LearnedDays continues into tomorrow, day 19. I’m almost a fifth of the way through! (I’m also late putting this one up, so happy friday, everybody).


One thought on “+10 TA Points

  1. Hurrah for eating well. Hurrah for helpful TAs. Hurrah for playful origami mysteries. Hurrah that you are understanding what you need to understand in your Stats class. Hurrah for making time to give us another glimpse of your new life via your blog posts.


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