We Go Out!

I did what I said I’d never do and neglected to post a blog entry last night. I didn’t do anything during the day but watch Master Chef and Ink Master so I didn’t have anything to say until I went out with Kelsie. By the time we got back I was so tired I went to bed without washing my makeup off (bad choice) and, consequently, didn’t have the energy to write a blog.

The featured image is of the first breakfast sandwich I made in this house. Fortunately, I didn’t realize in the store that I was buying vegetarian sausage patties otherwise I would have looked a little harder for the unhealthy meaty ones. I’m glad I ended up with these, however, because I’ve effectively tricked myself into being healthy without sacrificing taste. I kind of want to make another one for dinner.

Last night Kelsie and I walked a few blocks down the street (despite the rain) to Small’s, a Smokehouse and Oyster bar.


     (Courtesy of SnapChat)

I had only eaten cupcakes and cheese all day, so I was pretty excited to see wings on the menu. The three that were fully cooked were delicious, and I was surprised to see them presented on the plate in full wing form (not broken apart into upper and lower pieces like usual). The presentation made them a little more difficult to eat but gave me the impression that they were of a better quality than the wings one often finds in a normal American-style restaurant.

Today has been a good day. The weather was cool enough that we were able to shut off the A/C and open all the windows and doors. I did lots of homework at my desk, loving the breeze that was coming in and rustling the papers under my calculator. Ashley has the night off, so we might go get Mexican at the same restaurant at which we celebrated Kelsie’s birthday. We don’t get a lot of opportunities to go out and spend time with her because she works so hard (and has the night shift), so we’re looking forward to some quality housemate time.

Happy #100LearnedDays number 21!

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