A Case of the Mondays

My case of the Mondays was cured by movies with Ashley and Kelsie and a glass of wine from the last bottle I bought during Senior Week last May (featured image). I had both research fundamentals and social psych today. Both classes are interesting but, unfortunately, very long. I only have them on Mondays, which means we have to fit a whole week of content into one day. We also do a lot of reading and other work outside of class during the rest of the week. Having both classes on the same day, one right after the other, makes for a long day of classes in the (as previously-described) dungeonous classroom. My research fundamentals professor is very thorough and my social psych professor is very humorous, though, so the day goes by more quickly than if they were both hum-drum people.

Not only did I get all my work done for today but I also did a little workout and cleaned the kitchen. I’ve had a nicely productive day. I also woke up earlier than 10 am, so I’m super ahead of the game.

I’ve also discovered a curious thing. Whenever I have a block of classes in which I discuss psychological principles or writing skills I find myself conversing with others in the same manner in which I might write a paper. For example, I got a phone call from a friend right after I escaped the dungeon and was walking home. I was describing what I’ve learned (both in class and about myself) since living here and throwing around all this psychology mumbo-jumbo while doing so. When a normal person might have said, “I’m getting better at knowing myself,” I probably said something like, “As a result of my recent experiences, I realize the importance of positive self-esteem more than ever and I endeavor to improve its prevalence in my day-to-day life.” (I promise what I actually said didn’t sound that pompous.) You get the idea. It’s like my brain has a hard time jumping out of psychology mode. The information I’ve just learned (and the way in which I’ve learned it) trickles down into the rest of my life. This occurs with ease when I’ve just spent the last few hours discussing relevant topics in social psychology and correcting sample introduction sections in order to “refresh my memory” on the proper way to cite sources in the APA style.  (Thank you, all the professors I ever had at HWS for teaching me more than I might have wanted to know at the time. That knowledge is making my life so much easier now!)

These are entertaining pictures of Dezie engaging in her usual cute and slightly erratic behavior:


      First she contemplated a ball of paper  (shredding it into three pieces very slowly)


And then she discovered the joys of a tasty bone. It entertained her at least ten times longer than it would have entertained either of my own dogs (who are gobblers).

She’s pretty cute when she isn’t trying to steal my food or jumping up on me with muddy paws.

We also watched this awesome movie tonight:

IMG_4091It brought back a lot of nice childhood memories. It was also less creepy than Snow White and more cheerful than Man on Fire (which is what we watched last night).

Tomorrow I have lots more statistics to do and a house to clean. I don’t know what I’ll learn, but I’m excited to find out. #100LearnedDays continues!

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