Savasana, Anyone?

I did it! I went to Yoga class this morning with Ashley at 6:15 am. I was so proud of myself. I learned and observed many things.

  1. Concordant with Jenna Marbles’ theory, I discovered that Savasana is similarly among things I don’t have time for. By the end of the hour (which went by quickly, surprisingly) I was feeling completely relaxed, energized, cleansed of stress, and ready to go about my day. That was before Savasana, however. Savasana is the pose in which you lie on the ground like you’re about to make a snow angel but haven’t extended your arms and legs yet and try to clear your mind of all things to achieve ultimate relaxation. I guess I relaxed too much, because I took a three-hour nap directly upon returning home. So much for early morning productivity. If we’d ended in child’s pose I would probably have already finished my stats project. Instead, and directly because my nap put me three hours behind schedule, I’m writing a blog, doing laundry, and vacuuming to prolong writing the final part. Shavasana=nap=excuse for procrastination=I struggle to do things.
  2. Technology interferes. Right at the end of the session (before Shavasana killed my vibe) we were centering back into Child’s Pose and someone’s stupid iPhone rang and they didn’t go turn it off. It was kind of a rude wakeup call. It took me out of my happy place and reminded me that I was about to step into the rest of my day and have to battle with statistics. That’s exactly the opposite of how yoga is supposed to make people feel, so I was a bit disgruntled.
  3. I have a lot more to learn. I have also lost a lot of my strength. I used to be able to do some of the inversion-type poses that involve balancing on your hands. I can’t do any of them now. This fact both disappoints and encourages me. I enjoyed the class more than I’ve enjoyed other classes I’ve taken in the past and I can see myself going back on a regular basis. Hopefully I can use yoga like I’ve seen several of my friends use it to get in the best shape of my life.
  4. Yoga makes me want to eat healthy food. I’ve been making a breakfast sandwich every morning with the sneaky veggie sausage, cheese, and a fried egg. Today that didn’t seem appealing to me at all so I ate yogurt with strawberry jam, banana slices, and frozen blueberries. It was rather delicious and it set my day off to a healthy start. (I ended up making the sandwich for Second Breakfast after my nap, but at least I ate the healthier stuff directly after the workout when my body needed it the most.)
  5. Boys do yoga at Old Dominion. At HWS you were hard pressed to find a dude in a yoga class. Here there were football guys lined up at the door and soccer guys killing the inversion poses. One of them in particular was better than the instructor at holding Adho Mukha Vrksasana (read: handstand). The rest of us had basically given up and were squatting awkwardly with our forearms on the floor trying to at least get the tripod pose going. Pretty impressive.
  6. One can definitely manage to get centered while listening to a playlist based off “Pumped up Kicks.” Weird, but true. Unexpected, but fun. The playlist was energizing and very different from the Sleep Noise Generator Music yoga classes usually feature.
  7. My hip flexors aren’t my friends right now.
  8. Also, I have about three inches and two months of stretching to do before my heels meet the floor in downward-facing dog.
  9. P90x yoga is a poor representation of the joy a sun salutation can bring. Nice try, Tony.
  10. I should maybe think about buying my own mat if I’m going to continue this yoga thing. The ones in the classroom get cleaned diligently after every use, but unfortunately they also get rolled up before the cleaning solution has time to try and therefore end up smelling like mildewy chlorox wipes. It was difficult to relax in child’s pose with my nose so close to the mat, which is unfortunate because child’s pose is my favorite.

So that’s what I learned at Yoga today.

I also made my favorite one-pan pasta today. Find the recipe here.

Happy Day 24!

4 thoughts on “Savasana, Anyone?

  1. Yay for yoga and savasana pose. And an extra yay for football and soccer dudes realizing that yoga might be useful in their lives, too. Although it put you behind schedule, I am very glad to read about your three hour nap. Clearly your mind/body/spirit needed a little more down time. I am home today from 12-4 and then out until 10pm or so. Let’s talk and make train reservations!


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