I Finally Understand

Ashley and I have been diligent gym-goers for the past two mornings. Maybe we aren’t allowed to call ourselves diligent yet, but it feels good to put in the effort. My body likes to work out in the morning; I think it remembers the six years of early morning workouts I endured for crew. No wonder it’s been hard for me to get to the gym in the evening or during the middle of the day. I’m an early morning workout kind of girl. Plus, if you wake up early you get to walk out of the gym to the most gorgeous sunrises.

The most important lesson I learned recently (last night after I had already posted) is how easy it is to make mistakes with candles:


I’ve been trained as a firefighter and I was an RA at HWS. I know candles are bad news. I have these awesome little candles in tin boxes that smell amazing that I light at my desk while I’m doing homework. I haven’t been leaving them unattended for long, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem arose when I forgot the candle was lit and threw my freshly washed pillowcases on my desk and on top of the candle. I smelled the fabric singeing before anything caught on fire, luckily, but it really made me take a step back and think about what I’d just let happen. I never thought I’d be the one to make a careless mistake like that. If I’d walked away to go put my comforter cover in the washing machine I might have ended up with a real problem on my hands. This house has wall-to-wall carpeting, and I hadn’t realized what a huge problem that would be in the case of a house fire until the threat was shoved in my face. I resolve to not light candles in the house anymore unless, later in life, I have a dining room table and a candelabra and I want to enjoy a candlelit dinner.

On to other things: here’s a picture of Ashley and Dezie being cute to lighten the tone!

IMG_1801The only way Dezie acquiesces to going outside is if you pick her up like a big baby and drop her into the backyard. You can see how much she loves it.

I have made it through Stats Marathon Day yet again. I have handed in my first data set project as well. My fate lies in the hands of the Gods In Charge of Graduate Statistics Grades (they hold a position of high esteem and honor, by the way). After tomorrow my grade in Stats will no longer be a perfect 100%. Unless the Gods In Charge of Graduate Statistics Grades decide to smile down upon me, that is. This is highly unlikely, as I already know I made some small errors within the results section of the report. Oh well. I certainly tried my best!

Now I’m going to settle back in my not-burned-down bed, read some articles for tomorrow, and get some sleep.

Happy #100LearnedDays number 25!

One thought on “I Finally Understand

  1. I so agree with you about the danger of candles. I have two friends whose house fires started with unattended candles. One lost her whole house, which was traumatic for the family. I agree…only at dinner, while you have eyes on the candles and people willing to compete to snuff them out!


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