Oops, I Did It Again

And I missed a day. I’m sorry.

The truth is that I learned very little yesterday that wasn’t part of the November issue of National Geographic. It’s a good one- you should all read it next time you’re at the Doctor’s office. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve already read it because you wait desperately for the new issue to appear on your iPad (or for it to get delivered to your home). I’m just a little bit obsessed.

Anyway, I also got really into watching movies (The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Annie, and Milo and Otis) and gossiping with Kelsie last night. (As an aside, I also made the drinks featured in the top image, which I’m not sure deserve a name. They contained Raspberry Infusion Skyy Vodka, frozen berries, flat ginger ale, and a splash of cider. Kind of gross, but the berry reward at the bottom of the glass was almost as good as getting to crunch the melted-down ice cubes at the end.) The entertaining evening coupled with my relatively action-less day resulted in me neglecting to post anything yesterday. Well, now you know. Confessions of a Saturday Sloth. 

Today I was also a Sloth, but I managed to be a little bit more productive. I made a Cupcake Mountain:


(They’re as good plain as they are with raspberry jam on top!)

I also played with the Bunny (Monty). He’s pretty cute- when he gets to come out of his cage we bring his set of baby keys out with him. He picks them up in his mouth and flings them into the air to celebrate the wide open space he’s been given. He also occasionally decides to dash through the house in a flurry of excitement, kicking up his heels and bouncing around until it’s too much to handle and he quiets down. It’s quite wonderful, actually. Sometimes I feel the need to do the same thing after sitting through a really long stats class.

I remember my kitty Maple doing the same thing. Sometimes she’d get this crazy look in her eye, perk up her whiskers, puff up her tail a bit, focus her ears, and then dash away around the house, digging her claws into the carpet as she went for maximum effect. Thirty seconds later she’d be back to her calm, good-natured self, cleaning a paw in complete denial of the fact that she’d just totally tweaked out for a sec. Apparently all cats do this because they have some form of LSD that builds up in their spines. When it reaches a certain point I guess they trip out really quick before it burns off. (This could also be completely false, by the way. I have no idea where I heard it. Definitely not National Geographic material.)

Ashley and I are going to the gym tomorrow for more early-morning weights and running. I’m looking forward to it after my weekend of Sluggishness. I did get some good news, though; my study has been approved and my experiment is (so far) bug free, meaning that it’s time to run participants. My job this week is to help the PhD student run his study and to recruit participants of my own. I need to learn the recruiting system and test (and re-test) the study many times before I start collecting real data. The last thing I want is for my first participant to show up and for the program to crash. Yikes!

Anyway, weekend over. I’m looking forward to the coming week, which is also, coincidentally, the last week that I get to be 21. Next Sunday is my birthday!

#100LearnedDays continues with Day 29 tomorrow!

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