Morning Glory, Rainy and Stormy

I don’t have much to say about today except that it was rainy, the coldest I’ve experienced here so far, and windy enough to make taking a picture of this morning glory impossible on my way to campus this morning. (I learned that there’s a fence covered in vines of Morning Glories on my way to campus if I walk on the other side of the street!) Everyone walking past me was bundled up against the rain and looking at me strangely as I tried for five minutes to fight with my iPhone to get a picture that was in focus. I was late to my appointment and pretty soaked by the time I got there.

I also learned that one should not wear crocheted Toms in the rain. It’s really hard to walk when your feet get wet in them because the inner soles get really slippery! I should have just accepted that my feet were going to get wet (it’s too hot for my usual Geneva rain boots) and put on my flip flops.

It’s been a quiet wednesday other than that. I was going to go grocery shopping and cook something delicious but decided to hide from the rain and eat my leftover 14-bean soup instead.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be sunny, and I’m planning on spending all day in the lab helping Chris run participants through his experiment  and working through signing people up for mine!

Happy Day 31!

3 thoughts on “Morning Glory, Rainy and Stormy

    1. If you’re in Rome and ready to get lost on an awesome adventure, head to Trastevere and try to find the best (in my opinion) pizza in Italy! It’s at a restaurant called Dar Poeta. I’m so glad you’re there, I’m with you in spirit!


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