Let’s Not and Say We Did

Let’s not [talk about why I didn’t write a blog post yesterday] and say we did. I’ve learned that if I haven’t written something by around 11:45 pm that I’m going to forget to start writing anything unless someone reminds me (and no one did).

However, I have learned a couple things over the last few days. Yesterday I learned that rain in Norfolk is stubborn and refuses to go away (just like it does in Ithaca). I was in Stats class/lab/hell all day so I didn’t have to endure much of it but the day felt gloomy.

Today I learned that my experiment (which I am starting to run participants through on Tuesday of next week) is running incorrectly but in two different ways. I have not yet learned how to fix the two problems but I’m hoping that during my meeting with my adviser on Monday I will learn how to fix them.

I also learned how to do a headstand today in yoga! Lots of progress since whenever it was that I went to yoga the first time (a week and a half ago?). I really enjoyed it and I felt strong. I didn’t hate on Savasana and I learned the most difficult way to stretch my hamstrings and hip flexors. It involves lunges, a wall, balancing on your knees, and inversions. If it sounds mysterious to you, imagine how I felt at 7:00 am trying to figure out how to contort my body into weird positions while pretending the wall was a floor.

And, if you work out, you can afford to eat all four pancakes by yourself. Don’t they look delicious?

I learned that tailgates are a serious thing here, so much so that people a) break the rules, and b) do it often enough that the University (or maybe even the city) has shelled out enough money to make a sign out of highway sign material (steel? aluminum?) that they put by the parking garage any time there’s a big game.

IMG_4198So now I’m home and about to watch Bones with Ashley. Catch up with you tomorrow!

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