Feeling 22!

Disclaimer: I am usually not a TSwift fan but this song is a little too applicable not to include in this post. It’s definitely been the kind of weekend to forget about the deadlines!

Funny story: I’m actually turning 22 right around the time that I’ll be posting this. My parents and I met for the first time five minutes before midnight (or so) on September 27th, 1992. The doctor kindly altered my birth certificate to say that I was born five minutes after midnight on the 28th so my Mom could stay an extra day in the hospital. If he hadn’t done that she would have had to go home within a few hours of giving birth to me- not the best scenario.

Since my legal birthday (and the one I usually celebrate) is on a Sunday I decided to celebrate a day early. It worked out pretty well because both my housemates and my friend/labmate Nicole were able to come! Dad called the restaurant I picked out (Thai!) and took care of the check, which was really awesome and the best birthday present for which could have asked. I had so much fun! Here’s a picture of the four of us:


Left to Right: Nicole, Kelsie, Me, and Ashley

The featured image is of my pineapple martini made with vanilla vodka (which made for an interesting combo). I don’t usually go for Martinis, but they were at a special price and they had at least thirty of them on the menu. The pineapple one was a bit sweet for me so I went for a Thai Tea Martini next:


It tasted like chai tea and eggnog with a bit of a bite and it was delicious. But not as delicious as this:


Spicy curry with salmon and veggies on Jasmine rice. It had the perfect level of spiciness, exactly the right flavors, and was plentiful enough to take home and make into a second meal. All I have to do is make my own rice (or rice noodles)!

It’s been a wonderful weekend. Last night my other labmate Chris took Nicole and I out with a bunch of other people from the department. It was wonderful and humbling at the same time. Not only are all of these people really nice, fun, and welcoming, but they also have their lives very much together. Half of them are married, all of them are either getting PhD’s or have amazing jobs, and many of them are only a few years older than me. It made both Nicole and I wonder where we’ll be in three years. Will we be the ones inviting the new students in the lab out to have drinks, pulling up chairs for them at a table full of our fifteen other super cool friends, and asking in a genuinely interested kind of way about their research? Will we be experts at playing pool? Will we be ordering $60 drinks because we’ve been “wanting to try the apparently secret-and-passed down-for-generations whiskey”? Will we be managing to look completely nonchalant and relaxed while totally owning life at the same time? Who knows. Any way you look at it, Nicole and I had a great night. And I learned a little bit about playing pool. I wish I’d spent a bit more time down in the basement with my Grandpa when I was younger so I’d be ahead of the curve right now instead of desperately trying not to make a fool out of myself. I guess I have some work to do with my Uncles, Father, and Brother when I go back to Detroit for Thanksgiving!

My learning today can’t be described in a tangible way, but I still feel like my knowledge of both my new city and my peer group has increased substantially. I feel pretty blessed that my coworkers are such great people and I am so glad my parents brought me into the world 22 years ago. This is a great life to live, surrounded by friends and family, and looking forward to another year!

Happy Day 34!

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