Grocery Stores and Brownies

The featured image today is of the pan of KitKat Brownies my lovely housemate Ashley made for my birthday. They were pretty incredible. I learned that candy inside brownies is a delicious treat and that, most likely, the next time I make brownies I will be adding some kind of chocolate-based candy (York Patties?!).

Today was a much more relaxing version of my birthday. I allowed myself time to sleep in, I ate a nice slow breakfast while watching my new favorite TV show (The League), and did a little homework. I talked on the phone with some of my family members. I got a call from a good friend with whom I hadn’t spoken in a while. When Ashley woke up I sat next to her on the couch, read articles for tomorrow, and watched football. I learned a lot about various plays and which teams are more worthy of a haphazard vote than others. I was pleased to see that the Detroit Lions won, as well!

I learned that there’s a fancier grocery store out there than Wegmans. I’ve never seen anywhere else that has two floors (the Wegmans in Ithaca has second-floor cafe seating). Harris Teeter has an entire finished second floor just for wine and other delicacies. I was blown away. There was an elevator. I took it. The elevator itself was fancier than some hotel elevators. The experience was mind-blowing. What a clever idea to get people to spend money: turn shopping into an almost therapeutic experience. Isn’t that some kind of advertising ploy? Make peoples’ surroundings nice so that they feel suddenly wealthier and want to spend more money? They have some pretty ridiculously priced stuff there, but I resisted. I only got the staples. I was proud.

Tomorrow I’m working on putting the final touches on my experiments and also going to my Marathon of classes. Wish me luck!

Happy Day 35!

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