Frustration Station

Today I am officially a researcher at Old Dominion University. I have run my first six participants through my experiments. I have also made my first research mistakes. Luckily they weren’t serious enough to affect the usability of the data, but they made me think twice about every decision I made!

I got myself into a technology-hating mood today. It started during yoga when some guy’s alarm went off and refused to turn off once it had started. It disrupted the entire class and changed the mood completely. My bad mood continued when I couldn’t log into the extra computer in the lab space to use excel for my data project. I can’t use my wifi at home because we maxed out our usage for the month ten days too early. I also had trouble calculating example problems in stats today because my tired, headachey, coming-down-with-something brain was struggling with simple order of operations issues. I haven’t experienced any irritation toward my blog in the past until today when I realized I’d have to write it on my phone because my laptop won’t connect to the Internet. It’s ironic to me that technology irritates me so much sometimes and yet I’ve involved myself in human factors research, which deals almost entirely with technology and how humans interact with it.

It’s also ironic to me that during the beginning of the semester all I wanted to do was sleep in late and now all I want to do is wake up early for yoga. My heels are now only an inch from the ground when I’m in downward dog as opposed how far away from it they were when I started (three inches). Did I mention that my favorite yoga instructor is starting a yoga and running club to prepare for a half marathon in March? I’m going to join. I’m excited!

I can feel my body starting to get sick so I’m taking an early night and even leaving the dishes until tomorrow morning. The featured image is of my life since getting home this evening; I’ve been watching bad crime shows in flannel PJ’s, drinking tea, playing candy crush, and kind of reading a stats textbook. I did some laundry. Tomorrow I’m running participants all day from 10:30 am until 8:30 pm. It’s going to be a long day but I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

(Trying to make today) Happy Number 37!

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