Participant Marathon #1

That’s the sunset I saw out the window of my lab room tonight as I ran my 14th and 15th participants of the day. I was in the lab for over nine hours today. The good news is that I got a lot accomplished (all my data is collected) and my adviser is very pleased with me. The bad news is that the building in which I spent my day is over air-conditioned and very dry and, as a result, my skin is hating me. I also forgot to bring a water bottle with me today so I got really dehydrated. I got home and immediately drank three huge glasses of water. It felt really good.

IMG_4258This is something I experienced earlier this morning at around 8:30 am. I was settling down to take a nap for an hour when I realized how beautiful the light hitting Jerry’s Painting was. The sunlight was streaming through my window at the perfect angle to reflect off the canvas and throw orangey pink light all over my room. It’s hard to tell from this picture but the effect was really quite striking. It was a lovely way to ease from a great (and rather intense) yoga session into a period of deep rest and peace before my crazy day started.


IMG_4256These are two interesting things I saw on my walk to campus today. This nice black dog has a very funny bark. It’s almost like he’s saying “road! road! road! road!” over and over again. He isn’t aggressive at all. In fact, in this picture, he’d just hopped back down off the fence and was watching me walk away with interest. He lives at the same house as the Beagle I put in my blog earlier. Now when I walk by when the Beagle is out I talk to him and he only barks twice (in greeting, I think) and then waddle bounces off back under his shady bush. This dog puts his front feet up on the top of the fence and wags his tongue at people who walk by. I give him a few pats as I walk by and he seems to like that. I know he just wants to play.

I don’t know what kind of mushrooms those are but they appeared literally overnight. How do they do that? This picture is of a small segment of someone’s lawn that’s now completely covered in them. Am I really that non-observant that I didn’t realize that they’ve been growing for days? I feel like I should have seen the signs that they’d be there sooner than this. They’re really spectacular. I wonder if they’re a kind people can eat.


Today went well and I was incredibly satisfied with both the homework I got done during the day and with the data I collected. I left after the building was closed, however, so I had to borrow my adviser’s keys in order to to lock the experiment rooms when I had finished. He left at 5 pm when normal business hours ended and I couldn’t get in the main office to put them in his mailbox so I devised this envelope to contain them so I could slide them under his door. I made these all the time when I was a kid. Today, on my 42nd day of grad school, all that folding became worthwhile. I hope my adviser enjoys the “envelope” I used!

Today did end up being a happy day even though it was long, dry, and filled with statistics and data collection. I’m looking forward to another day just like it tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Participant Marathon #1

  1. I love your description of the color of the reflected light coming off of Jerry’s painting,

    From: Arianna Everyday <> Reply-To: Arianna Everyday <> Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2014 11:19 PM To: Christianne White <> Subject: [New post] Participant Marathon #1

    ariannawhite64 posted: “That’s the sunset I saw out the window of my lab room tonight as I ran my 14th and 15th participants of the day. I was in the lab for over nine hours today. The good news is that I got a lot accomplished (all my data is collected) and my adviser is very p”


  2. Thanks for another great window into your new life in Richmond! And on the topic of windows, I am glad you have one to look out while you are collecting data. Mushrooms ARE amazing and incredibly important citizens on our planet. I saw a bunch of them spring up overnight this summer while camping on the Cape. Their architecture is so beautiful and elegant…and the fact that it all gets created in a matter of hours is astounding. Thank goodness we have them decomposing organic matter and then recomposing it into often delicious and very nutritious fruiting bodies (ie mushrooms). Nature is TOO COOL! And the friendly dogs (aka domesticated wolves) in your neighborhood are wonderful, too.


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