I Skipped a Day and I Liked It

I write this blog. It doesn’t write me. If I want to take a night off and tell you about Day 39 on Day 40 I’m going to do that. So last night I went to Smalls and hung out with Kelsie and the Bartender until Ashley got off work at 10.


Tasty combo: Bourbon and Cider

Then we came home, handed her an after-work drink, and made banana pancakes. It was wonderful! I should have taken a picture of the pancakes but I forgot because they were so delicious.

We also got a new kitty yesterday! His name is Katahdin (like the Potato variety) but called Kat for short. He’s in the featured image today. My mom set up his adoption through work. I’m excited to go home for Fall Break and meet him! Apparently he likes sinks and chasing shadows on the floor. My little brother texted me today to send me a (dark) picture of Kat sleeping on his pillow. He went home after school to take a nap before he went to the Apple Harvest Festival and found his spot already occupied. I think it must be nice to come home to a furry playful being.

Mushrooms of the Neighborhood Discovery #2:

IMG_4266A half Fairy Circle. You find cool things when you take a different walk home.

Today I finished up my week with meetings and lab time. I did some Yoga this morning. When I left the gym I walked past a girl wearing a shirt with pink block letters that said “It’s October 3rd.” I couldn’t place why the saying sounded familiar until I got home and looked on Facebook and saw lots of people posting the same thing. It’s from Mean Girls!


I thought the .gif was appropriate for today, since today is October 3rd. Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies. It wasn’t until I re-watched it recently that I realized it’s one of the first collaborations between Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

My life gets intense next week as I move into final prep time for my stats midterm. This time next week I’ll be in Ithaca eating pie and playing with the new kitty!

So Happy Day 40. And Happy Friday!

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