A Very Dezie Weekend

So far this weekend has been very oriented toward Dezie. It’s been really fun!

First of all, we’ve all been busy this week and unfortunately that meant Dez didn’t get a lot of attention. We usually play with her while we watch TV or give her treats while we cook. I let her in and out all the time while I’m home. Ashley worked during the day a lot this week (she usually works nights), I was in the lab for most of the week, and Kelsie had lots of shifts and homework. As a result, Dezie has been a little antsy and neurotic due to the lack of attention. Last night I got home late from lab and needed to relax after a long week. I ordered pizza (for the first time since being in Norfolk), sat down on the couch, and proceeded to not move until my pizza came. Dezie doesn’t know how not to beg, so she went outside so I could enjoy my pizza in peace.

She was out there for a while, which probably didn’t make her very happy with us. When I let her back in she darted past me before I could wipe off her feet. This occurred:

IMG_4301The little footprints were so cute I had to take a picture of them before I cleaned them up. They were all over the living room and kitchen. It took me close to 45 minutes to scrub the carpet clean. What a pest.

Today’s weather was perfect. It was not the kind of day anyone would want to spend inside. When Ashley got home from work we put Dez on her leash, hopped in the car, and drove over to the Elizabeth River. There’s a little park there behind one of the freshman dorms.


Dezie doesn’t usually like walking on a leash and is very shy around new people (especially men). She doesn’t like the bathtub so we were wondering what she’d do around a large body of water. Also, she’s skittish around loud noises (what to do about ships?). Surprisingly, she refuted our reservations and was an absolutely model city dog!

IMG_4304 She didn’t lie down on the ground and refuse to walk when we put her on her leash,

IMG_4305She socialized with New Humans of the Male Gender happily and didn’t hide behind Ashley,

IMG_4303She put her feet in the water at the pier (this is on the boat ramp), with her nice ears blowing back in the breeze,


And she hung out with us while we soaked up the sun right by the edge of the water. It was a really nice way to enjoy the beautiful day.

When we got home there was a package waiting for me. New yoga clothes and a nice yoga mat from Mom!

IMG_4299Dezie was also pretty excited that Ashley was on the floor near her food dish while taking this picture.

We The Roommates went out together to the best Mexican restaurant in town tonight: La Herradura. I got two burritos that came without rice or beans. Is this a normal thing? I’ve always put refried beans, rice, cheese, and sometimes meat in my burritos. I don’t usually dump salsa all over them or encrust them with cheese either, but I must say in this case it was delicious. We also got tasty frozen drinks because they were cheap during Happy Hour:

IMG_4298And we enjoyed walking around University Village under this gorgeous sunset.


And that was my day. I slept in late this morning because I could. I learned lots of things about my new city. I did yoga on my own for the first time. I took a break from studying for stats. I watched the last movie in the Twilight Saga with The Roommates. I ate leftover pizza, Oatmeal ala Italy (with yogurt on top), and thin-but-delicious-burritos. I stretched and breathed. I put my feet in Norfolk water for the first time. I enjoyed my friends’ company. And now I’m enjoying a relaxing evening with my mug of cold care tea, nursing a cough and feeling restful. The doors are open to let in the fresh, cool breeze, I have a cozy blanket, and there’s an Apple Spice candle burning on our “dining room” table. It’s pretty lovely. I may not have learned anything tangible aside from how to get to the nearest waterside park, but sometimes those days are the best days. Today was certainly one of them!

Happy #100LearnedDays Day 41!

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