Up in the Cyber Loft

Today Nicole and I met up in the Cyber Loft on campus to get our labs done for statistics. We have lab each week, during which time we analyze a new data set, learn some new techniques, and have a chance to ask our awesome TA some questions about calculations. It’s our job to finish the lab assignments on our own time. I usually get pretty far in lab because I can do things faster than she can talk, so I was expecting to finish with the process relatively quickly.

I was wrong. Nicole and I met up around noon and stayed long past the beautiful sunset you see in the featured image. We didn’t get to enjoy the beautiful day except when we ate lunch in the pretty courtyard within the Webb center:


I was unenthused by the Subway BLT but Pizza Hut wasn’t open and I didn’t want to go all the way home to get real food.

Nicole and I were incredibly thorough and I was glad to have her around to bounce questions off of, even if they were just confirmatory. She and I were both at the same points in most of our labs so we were good partners. Lab 6 took the most effort because it was the most recent, most complicated, and least complete of them all, but I’m pretty proud of my scatterplot in APA-style I had to make for one of the parts:

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 8.07.14 PMIt’s showing the various trends involved in a trend analysis. I’m actually not completely sure that it’s correct because the quadratic (orange) and cubic (bright green) lines look the same and they shouldn’t. The data are best fit by a quartic trend, shown by the blue line. Trend analysis basically allows researchers to see the specifics of the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. In this case it’s like a foray into regression analysis while still saying within the world of ANOVA (ANalysis Of VAriance). In regression the x-axis is continuous instead of categorical, meaning that data points can fall anywhere along it instead of being confined to different levels. This graph is showing the relationship between the time it takes to complete a marathon (y-axis) and the number of cups of water participants drink during the race (x-axis).

So that was my day. I’m home now, I’ve eaten my leftover pizza, and I’m going to relax with Ashley until she goes to sleep. I’ll hopefully turn in early so I’m rested for yoga tomorrow morning. I’m excited!

Happy #100Learned Days Day 42!

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