Since I’ve done nothing but study statistics over the last two days I figured I’d find you a picture of where I’ve been spending my time. There’s a lab basically right above this Starbucks with nice computers with the stats program I need and recent versions of Microsoft Office. I spent nearly nine hours there on Sunday, several on Monday when I wasn’t in class, and about five today before stats. Yet despite the monotony of my studying, so far this is the best midterm week I’ve experienced. Here’s why:

1. I did a headstand (Sirasana II) in yoga today, successfully, but with help. Apparently no one goes to yoga during midterm week (there were only three of us today), so I got more individual attention than I might have if the class had been more crowded. To help you visualize what I was doing, I found some pictures on the inter webs to demonstrate the process:


(Crow pose)


(“Teddy Bear” Headstand)




It doesn’t look hard in the pictures but I can guarantee you that it made me sweat. I can do crow pose pretty successfully now, very much on my own. From there you’re supposed to gently tip forward onto your head and into what the blog author calls the Teddy Bear Headstand. Then you just basically put your legs up, gradually, and try to balance there. I was about to try to put my legs up on my own when the instructor noticed my efforts, I guess, and came over to help me. Just having her standing next to me made me feel more secure, I suppose, because I don’t know if I would have actually tried to extend my legs on my own it wouldn’t have happened. I did it, though, and when I started to fall she grabbed my shins and held me up until I was balanced and then let go gradually until I had it.

2. Studying for statistics is going well. I spent several hours going over my notes with the lecture slides and the textbook, adding notes and highlighting important information. My midterm is on Thursday evening. Remember the post I did after my first stats class about the importance of staying positive? It’s coming into play now. I need some of that positivity back if I’m going to be able to go into this test with a clear head. We had an impromptu question-and-answer session about the upcoming test today at the start of class and it stressed me out at first. Thinking about how many short answer questions there will be, what formulas and tables he may or may not give us, and whether we’ll need to know how to create coefficients for orthogonal contrasts by hand is unnecessary. By the end I think he was as fed up as I was because he stopped taking questions and just told us to “know everything.” Well, duh. It’s a midterm. Isn’t that the point? I’m just studying everything I can and hoping for the best.

3. I read the Divergence by Veronica Roth in two games (not quite as quickly as I read the first Hunger Games book) and simultaneously discovered that Audible offers a free audiobook to new members. I’m really good at getting free offers and trials and remembering to cancel them before they charge me for the next month’s membership, so I went for it. Now I have eleven hours of literature to listen to on my drive to Ithaca for fall break!

4. It’s Nicole’s birthday tomorrow and we’re going out to dinner with some other graduate students.

5. I made it to the gym twice today, once for yoga and once for a class called Barre Express. It was incredibly hard. I’ve never done squats on my tiptoes. Whenever I did squats for crew it was with a bar of weights on my shoulders and my feet firmly on the floor. This time it was with one hand on the wall (mirror), my feet spread wide apart, and with the weight on the balls of my feet only. My calves were really confused- they’ve never been worked this hard in this way. I enjoyed it. Since starting yoga and revamping my efforts toward cardio I’ve lost around ten pounds.

6. I got a 98% on my stats project!

7. Three days until fall break. Three days.

8. And the weather has been gorgeous here. Good thing I can’t spend any time outside. Today when I got home from the gym the second time Ashley and I went on a walk with Dezie.

9. I figured out the ideal coffee ground ratio yesterday. Not too weak, not too strong.

10. I’ve actually managed to get more than five hours of sleep for the last two nights in a row!

So those are the top ten reasons why this week has gone better (so far) than any other midterm week I’ve had. We’ll see how I feel on Thursday when I finish the midterm for which I’ve been preparing. Happy Day 44!

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