Post Statistics Bliss

I took my stats midterm today. It was much easier than I thought it would be. It consisted of a long calculation-based question that started from descriptive statistics (means, sample sizes, and standard deviations) and moved through all the steps for calculating an omnibus ANOVA and then to simple and complex comparisons including confidence intervals. Then there were some short answer questions and some true/false questions that addressed underlying statistical theory. I think I reasoned my way through the second two parts quite well, and after talking to Nicole about our individual decisions in the first part, I think I might have actually managed to get an A on this midterm. I wasn’t the first to finish. I wasn’t one of the last to finish. I finished after the girl with whom I studied who’s a stats TA for undergrad classes and before Nicole, who also studied with us. Had I finished earlier I would have been worried. As it was, I’m confident with how I did. Even if I made mistakes early on with my calculation part I won’t get points taken off for those mistakes throughout the rest of the questions (aka my mistakes won’t be cumulative). I feel good!

I felt pretty awful all day preparing for the test, however. I was nervous, low in confidence, and worried about the fact that I’d prepared so much that I had nothing else to do. All day I felt like I should have been doing more. When I got home I was so happy and relaxed that I sat on my bed for hours programming my GPS for tomorrow’s journey and watching The League on Netflix (we got our wifi back). It’s quite an entertaining show!

While I was sitting in my room relaxing I got a call from my mom and put it on speakerphone so I could still use my hands (I was eating a burrito). Dezie, who was in the backyard getting some fresh air, heard my voice. I don’t think she’s ever put two and two together and realized that her backyard track/corral (note the worn-down paths through the grass in the picture) is adjacent to Kelsie’s and my rooms. She spent a lot of time bouncing up and down on her back feet while I was on the phone, having just figured out that I was behind the screen in the window. Pretty cute. I let her in after Mom and I got off the phone and fed her. She must have the strongest back legs of any dog ever for all the bouncing she does. Whenever we open the closet/cupboard/pantry that contains her dog food as well as our human food she bounces. Whenever any of us go in the kitchen, even if it’s just to wash dishes, she bounces. Now she bounces in the backyard when she hears either me or Kelsie in one of our rooms. Maybe she’ll learn to walk on her back legs soon!

Anyway, tomorrow I learn how to drive for over nine hours by myself. I have my audiobooks all queued up. (I’ve just learned that queued is a very weird word to write.) I will bring snacks. Today I learned that I know more about statistics than I thought I did, or that I’m easily tricked into thinking a super difficult exam was relatively easy. We shall see!

Happy learning!

One thought on “Post Statistics Bliss

  1. Kudos to you for preparing well for your exam, you’ve been a diligent student…hopefully you will reap the bounty!
    Safe travels, enjoy your family and the beautiful autumn display along the way. Aunt Barb


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