Not Delivery, Not Digiorno

Commence photo journal of How Ashley taught Arianna How To Make Homemade Pizza:

IMG_4521Combine five cups of flour with two teaspoons of both salt and sugar and one package of yeast dissolved in three tablespoons of hot water. Add warm water slowly as you stir the flour mixture until it’s combined but not too sticky.

IMG_4524Put the dough into a bowl and put it either in a 200°F oven or, if your oven makes your stovetop hot like ours does, on the back burner close to the vent. Place a slightly moist towel over the top of the bowl and wait 45 minutes for the dough to rise. (I’m guessing that if you put it in the oven that you wouldn’t have to wait so long.)

IMG_4526Squish it down and let it rise again! (Ashley’s hands belong in cookbook pictures, don’t you think?)

IMG_4527Partition your dough out (ours made three pizzas this size) and stretch them into whatever shape pizza you want. Square fits best on baking sheets but if you have a pizza stone it doesn’t matter! I used my well-seasoned Stoneware baking pan and it worked beautifully.

IMG_4532Top your pizza as per your own tasty ideas. I forgot to buy green peppers otherwise they’d be on there too. I stuffed my crust with cheese and seasoned the tomato sauce with extra basil.

IMG_4534Bake for fifteen minutes at 375°F and voilà: deliciousness. Add an Ashley and a Kelsie and a Disney Movie and you’ve got yourself a wonderful Roomie Night In. It’s seriously the best pizza I’ve eaten in a long time (including Italy). Without question. I think it’s the garlic we put in the dough and the sheer amount of cheese we put on top. Also maybe the extra seasoning we put into the tomato sauce. And the grease the pepperoni gave off. And the salty olives. I should have put anchovies on too, shoot! Ashley put onions, feta cheese, and pepperoni on hers. Kelsie used feta, grape tomatoes, and onions. Three pizzas means that everyone’s happy with their toppings!

Anyway, that’s what I learned today. If anyone comes to visit me anytime soon, be prepared to consume large amounts of this kind of thing now that I know how. I think I’ll make a white garlic pizza next with crunchy bacon bits and baby spinach. Also, I learned that this vehicle exists in the world:

IMG_4520The guy driving it is clearly having a great day.

So there we go! Happy #100LearnedDays!

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