Love Your Body

I spent seven hours straight in the lab today running participants. This meant I was forced to work on my data project for stats for seven hours straight as well. I got it done though!

I also finished as much of my presentation as I could without fulling knowing how to interpret the data we collected. I’m presenting my preliminary findings to my lab group on Friday and I have to have this presentation ready to show my adviser tomorrow morning.

I learned that nova lox cream cheese is a great alternative to spending $10 to get actual lox on your bagel.


Just another shot of the twin fountain to the one in the featured image. I don’t walk past this part of campus very often (I’m was standing on a bridge that crosses between the two when I took these pictures) but I finally got the opportunity to photograph them today on my way to yoga.

I learned that evening yoga classes have a much different vibe than morning yoga classes. First of all, there were 26 people there today instead of 10 or 12. Second, the music was very upbeat (not zen-like at all but the kind of thing I’d listen to if I were to do cardio). Third, the instructor had us moving through the yoga poses so quickly that it was like we were doing cardio (to fit the music?). It felt very Westernized (more so than regular yoga classes) and almost insincere. Fourth, the mood was very different throughout the room. The instructor was making jokes, lots of people were laughing as they fell over trying to balance without concentration in difficult poses, and others were letting everyone else know exactly how they felt about the challenging things she was having us do. I’m not accustomed to hearing people who aren’t the instructor talk during a yoga class. Despite all these differences, I still got a great workout. I got the hang of doing a headstand on my own because I attempted it five or six times instead of just once or twice like I have done in the past when I’ve gone in the morning. And the fact that people felt looser about behaving “properly” meant that more people tried the harder things. They weren’t afraid to fall or to make weird noises or to ask for help if they needed it.

Today is also “love your body week” on campus. They’ve covered up all the mirrors in the workout classrooms. Getting your body into the right alignment for Warrior II is difficult without the mirror. After class everyone’s encouraged to write inspirational things on the paper they’ve used to cover the mirrors. I wrote my favorite quote up there today:

“To be nobody but yourself, in a world that is trying, night and day, to make you everybody else, is to fight the hardest fight a person can fight and never stop fighting.” -E.E. Cummings

I’m learning to be as much like myself as I can without changing or morphing into someone other people might want me to be. This will manifest, eventually, when I come to my professors with what I actually want to research for my thesis. I’m happy in my current lab and with my first-year project. I have bigger ideas, however, and I need to be up front with my adviser and with my other professors about how I’d like to work on them. My time here is for me, and although I’m contributing to “the field” no matter what I do, I want to go further and reach higher into the subject in which I’m most interested.

Speaking of lab, I learned (well, noticed) today that our rooms finally have numbers.



This is the first step toward getting keys of our own, which would be really nice. Right now whenever we want to use the lab we have to go down to the psychology office and borrow the master key to unlock the doors. Then we have to stay there (can’t leave the lab unprotected!) until everything’s done and go back down to get the master key again to lock it back up when we’re finished. This arrangement presents a problem if the Keeper of the Key isn’t around when we need her to be or if we need to use the lab before or after business hours or during the weekends. We’re all very excited that the room numbers have appeared. We didn’t really expect them to show up until next semester.

So that’s what I’ve done and learned today. I’m happy!

Here’s to another one tomorrow. #100LearnedDays continues!

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