I’m feeling very lucky today. I didn’t have any commitments to anyone but myself and I used my free day to get lots of little things done. I cleaned my room and then I cleaned the rest of the house because having a clean room felt so good. (I even shampooed the carpets, but mostly because it’s fun to use the swiffer-type scrubber that squirts out the shampoo in foamy lines.) I did some preliminary research for my term paper. I did all my laundry. I sorted through all the random receipts and assorted papers that have accumulated over the weeks. I found a website to watch the newest episodes for The League, my favorite junk TV show. I went to the gym for Yoga and stayed after with Ashley to lift weights. And I got a lovely Halloween care package from one of my favorite people with these adorable and delicious cookies! ❤

I learned that I really miss having a job. Days off are great, but I’ve had a job during school ever since sophomore or junior year of high school. I loved working for the Cellar Pub at Hobart because it gave me something to do with my time that wasn’t school related. I miss that.

I also learned a lot of things about what mediates productivity in the workplace, but I don’t know enough about it to be able to write anything down here.

And, for the record, the pie I made last night did solidify a bit. It’s still delicious and, since I made such a large amount of it, just under half gone.

Upon looking at my calendar I’ve discovered that today is the 67th day of this blog. I haven’t written something for every day, but that’s because my routine is so repetitive that some blog posts would be redundant. I wouldn’t have written one today but for the beautiful cookies I needed to document. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed since I arrived in June. I put all my assignments into my calendar while I was doing research today and discovered that I only have nine more assignments to complete this semester including final papers and exams. That’s crazy to me. Where did all the time go?

Tomorrow I’m learning how to make sloppy joe’s with Ashley. 🙂

Happy Day 67!

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