I’ve been gone a couple days. And, in those couple days, I’ve done just a little learning and discovered a few questions along the way.

First, what kind of plant makes both this:

IMG_4629And this:



Ashley and I found the Plant of Interest (or are they different plants growing in the same place to trick us?) during our run on Thursday afternoon.

I learned that my Fitbit app does a great job of tracking where I’m running and for how long I’ve been exercising. It even speaks to me through my headphones to tell me the distance I’ve gone in half-mile increments.

I learned that these delicious treats exist and that they can be eaten for breakfast:

IMG_4639And then I learned that El Azteca has delicious food for a good price.


Ashley made the cutest cupcakes last night and I re-learned how sad it makes me when she takes most of the things she bakes away for her police officers:



Last night I was Maleficent (attempting to be á la Angelina Jolie). I made my horns all by myself! I went to Walmart and got some wire, a black headband, and black tape. Then I shaped the wire into horn shape, wrapped them around the headband, and wrapped newspaper around the wire to make the horns rounder. The black tape came last as a finishing touch. They looked great! Unfortunately, you can’t see the shape well from these pictures. We had a great night!



Kelsie was Pebbles. I was Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Nicole was a minion from Despicable Me!


Chris, our third labmate, was Ace Ventura the Pet Detective.

IMG_4646And our night was amazing! We had so much fun getting to know more people at Old Dominion, all of whom are connected to graduate studies within the psychology department in some way. I got to talk to some people in the industrial/organizational department with whom I really hope to work in the future.

Happy Halloweekend, and happy Day 69!

2 thoughts on “Halloweekend

  1. I’m not sure if I’m answering your question…. but both of the plants pictured in this blog are grown here in Florida. The top one is a Passion Flower vine. The pictured one is a purple one. We have a red one in our yard. The second is a Beauty Berry bush which is a local Florida native plant. If you are looking for a single plant that has both…. then I don’t have an answer to that question. 🙂 BTW — love your blog and look forward to reading each one. Cousins Linda (and Jerry too)


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