I have decided that a great way to save money on groceries is to stop buying bread and/or english muffins from the store and instead to make my own. I’m obsessed with the Rosemary Olive Oil bread from Wegmans so I tried to find a recipe that mimicked it. I found one for Mediterranean Olive Bread on Food52.com and decided to make it partially because the description of the bread caught my interest. The person who put the Joy of Cooking recipe on the site noted that she often relied on it and similar recipes that don’t involve yeast on nights when a pressing paper or looming exam prevented her from engaging in more complicated quests for culinary creativity. I’m in that boat tonight. I added my own touch, though, to try and bring the recipe closer to the one Wegmans has perfected. The crust on the Wegmans Bread is so salty and oily that eating it without at least twelve ounces of water and several napkins nearby is nearly impossible. I love it. Therefore, in an effort to duplicate the unhealthy nature of the WB, I dusted salt on the inside of the pan after greasing it and before putting the dough inside. It’s certainly salty. It would be even better if I’d had enough olive oil to grease the pan, but instead I had to use vegetable oil. The finished product does indeed make turn into good toast. I’ve just had a piece now with copious amounts of butter (my family has trained me well). And I have drunk my recently-rendered-necessary large glass of water.

Speaking of water, I have learned that parts of Norfolk sometimes flood for practically no reason at all:

IMG_4667This was taken yesterday on our way back from the supermarket. I don’t think it rained more than ten minutes in any serious way, despite the fact that the whole day was somewhat drizzly and grey and noticeably blustery. It really enforces the point my stats professor cheerfully made on the day before Halloween: in the event of a large natural disaster or, perhaps, the impending Zombie Apocalypse, the residents of the tidewater area are pretty screwed. Every way out of this part of the country involves at least one bridge over open water and often includes a tunnel. Last-minute evacuation is, in my professor’s opinion, not an option. Hence why people take Hurricane warnings pretty seriously. Apparently the CDC also has a blog devoted to preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, all in the name of learning to prepare for less fantastical disasters. He began our lecture on Thursday with a slide featuring a picture of the zombie that lives on said blog. So much for positivity bolstering success, but at least he got us thinking about stats with a fighting spirit.

I also discovered some fantastic looking stairs I’d like to copy someday when I have found a place in which to settle down and update with my own special touches:

IMG_4664I also learned that the building these stairs boast contains a tiny coffee shop. It’s fun to keep your eyes open when going out for dinner with housemates. I discover something new every time I adventure out into Greater Norfolk!

Finally, I have learned that my current research project is hopefully getting extended to include more participants, an extra measure, and more specific analyses. I’m excited to keep learning!

Also, happy day 70!

2 thoughts on ““Bread”

  1. Grampa Tom had Jonathan get a container of olives and he ate five or six of them on Saturday. I noticed he drank an entire extra container of water. I also noticed on Sunday morning that his foot looked more swollen than usual. Ah, salt! How we love it! I was thinking that what you were making is in the category of ‘quick breads’, as you said, more muffiney than a yeast bread. But containing good tastes! Love the stairs! Good way to put broken tiles to use. If you have a place to salvage broken tiles, like Rosie’s dad did when he tiled his bathroom. Glad you are out and about and also will be listening to the weather with an evacuation plan in mind. I am glad you live with a police dispatcher…Ashley will be well-informed and take warnings seriously, I’ll bet you. Mom

    From: Arianna Everyday <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: Arianna Everyday <comment+crdcsa6jsv-le42vlzfl8m@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Sunday, November 2, 2014 10:57 PM To: Christianne White <cmw84@cornell.edu> Subject: [New post] “Bread”

    ariannawhite64 posted: “I have decided that a great way to save money on groceries is to stop buying bread and/or english muffins from the store and instead to make my own. I’m obsessed with the Rosemary Olive Oil bread from Wegmans so I tried to find a recipe that mimicked it. “


  2. Yum to baking your own bread. And yes, we human beings may need to re-think a bunch of things (such as living in low-lying areas near the ocean) that we have some to take for granted while ignoring larger ecological systems. For example, it turns out wetlands — which we human being love to fill in and build upon — are hugely important for all sorts of reasons (not the least of which is buffering the shoreline when there are large storms….)


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