I thought we were supposed to be teaching young women to live a healthy lifestyle but not by counting calories? This chart is posted in the gym locker room (right across from a scale, by the way) and it confuses me. For example, guacamole is made out of avocados with lots of wonderful nutrients. If you make either guacamole or salsa at home and neither contain lots of preservatives or extra chemicals, I don’t see what the big deal is if you put one or the other (or both!) on your burrito. Eat the avocado and the tomatoes and use the extra energy for something productive, like taking the stairs all day, staying on the treadmill for another half mile, biking to work, etc. Stressing about the small stuff isn’t beneficial in the long run. Every psychology class I’ve taken has taught me that counting calories leads to and is often a factor in disordered eating. If you’re going to eat fast food, it’s bad for you no matter what. Go for the double cheeseburger if you want and don’t stress, but try and eat fast-food rarely so when you do the extra calories don’t matter. I believe this is called treating yourself. Maybe some people don’t agree with me, but the general placement and biased content of the poster made me do a double-take today.

On another note, look at this adorable (grainy) picture of Dezie and Monty exchanging loving nuzzles:

IMG_4706I learned that when Monty is in his cage Dezie is very gentle. When he’s out bouncing around she gets way too excited to play with him that we’re worried she’ll hurt him. Hence they stay separated when Monty comes out to kick up his heels.

Ashley loves her animal children:

IMG_4703And they love her back. Today was a good day.

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