What ARE this?!

I apologize for yet another Jenna Marbles reference. I just find her so hilarious that references to her videos find their way into my day-to-day life very easily. I understand if you don’t find this as funny as I do because it’s weird. I get it. But the little dog’s face in the video cracks me up. I’ve watched it so many times now that saying simply, “what are this?!” to certain people who have also seen the video properly conveys to them that, at that particular moment, I’m totally mystified. It also works well for when I want to anthropomorphize various pets and comment on how I think they’re feeling.

Example #1: Dezie’s Other-Dog Fascination depicted in the featured image. Ashley’s Mom is visiting for the weekend and she brought her miniature poodle, Bridget, along as well. Bridget is a well-behaved citizen of the dog world. Dezie would like to know all there is to know about this new dog in her house. She’d also really like to know why  the new dog is allowed in the kitchen that she’s so desperate to invade. Well, Miss Dez, it’s because Bridget doesn’t jump up on people, get under their feet, or try to stick her nose in a 350°F oven. Directly after this picture was taken Dezie bowled the gate over in her excitement to both get in the kitchen and enthusiastically lick Bridget. It’s quite an adorable and amusing juxtaposition of proper, well-mannered, older-sister-knows-better-type Bridget and unrefined, excitable, younger-sibling-that-can’t-get-enough-type Dezie.

Example 2: At the grocery store today, I wondered (audibly) about this particular product:

IMG_4754Does that look like bologna with jello in it to anyone else, or is it just me? What ARE this, seriously, and when would one eat it?

And finally, a non-mystifying item #3: Tonight’s feast.

IMG_4761We made it. It was delicious (despite—or perhaps due to—the fact that the dough didn’t rise at all). We sat on the couch and consumed it in its entirety and watched Catch Me if You Can for two hours, pondering why Leo DiCaprio still doesn’t have an Oscar. Why are this?

That is all! Happy Friday!

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