So Much Learning

I just realized the last time I wrote something was when I baked bread I finished eating yesterday. I haven’t been a very responsible blog-writer recently. So, here are some things I have learned since last weekend:

  1. Pomegranate season is in full-swing. We happened to stop by the store on the way home today and I discovered that they’re much cheaper down here than they are in New York. I’m on cloud nine simply because I get to crunch these delectable little seeds again!
  2. Peak fall color season actually lasts until November here: IMG_4849
  3. And there are still some trees that have totally green leaves.
  4. It takes approximately 5 years of copious picture-taking and essay-writing to fill up a 250GB MacBook Pro hard drive.
  5. 2 TB hard drives are actually enormous. I could fit nearly ten of my entire computer on the one my Dad sent me on Tuesday.
  6. Backup hard drives can be partitioned so that 1000GB are devoted to pure backups and the rest are used to store pictures.
  7. iPhoto can be configured so that all the pictures get stored on the external hard drive. This is my saving grace: I had 87 GB of photos on my computer. Now they’re all on my external hard drive. Whenever I upload photos they’ll go straight there as long as I have the drive plugged in. And, even better, they’re also backed up to the part of the external hard drive that’s designated as my backup drive.
  8. Ashley has a truly impressive amount of Christmas decorations. We allowed ourselves to decorate early this year since none of us will be together for Thanksgiving or Christmas: IMG_4860IMG_4858
  9. The second time seems to be the charm when it comes to learning the simplest of the line dances. I actually managed to jump in on a couple of the group dances and not step on anyone. I even turned in the right direction the majority of the time. It’s a real improvement! IMG_4863
  10. We own a crock pot. It appeared on the counter a couple days ago and was soon full of Ashley’s freshly-made venison chili. I’m a pretty happy housemate. Now, if I start things early enough, stats marathon days can be exciting come-home-to-the-crock-pot-dinner days!
  11. Yesterday was day 80. I haven’t written 80 blog posts. I have, however, learned 80 things. I may have even learned 80 things just about statistics.
  12. Ellipticals are definitely effective when you’re out of shape (aka not a varsity athlete).
  13. Some dogs don’t like to lie on their beds even if the beds are nice enough to be human pillows. Ashley’s mom bought Dezie a beautiful bed and she refuses to accept it. She’ll lay on the floor touching the bed but won’t actually put her body on it.
  14. Old Dominion gives people who attend lecture series talks free Chinese food. I went to one yesterday about “The Emotionally Intelligent Leader,” and was surprised that I had the wonderful option to eat egg rolls while listening to an engineering professor explain how beneficial journaling can be for one’s self-awareness and emotional control.
  15. And, finally, I have learned how valuable ScanTrons must be for people who do research that involves questionnaires and self-reported data. I had to manually score questionnaires for my mere twenty participants today and it took me nearly two hours. The human factors discipline is blessed in that our research generally doesn’t call for large sample sizes to obtain the necessary statistical power to reveal a significant effect. I can’t imagine how time consuming and frustrating it must have been to do research involving questionnaires before ScanTrons (or computer-based surveys) were widely available.

Tomorrow I’m going to revisit the lesson I seem to not be able to learn (to go to sleep on time) when I attempt to wake up early to go to the gym with Ashley.

Happy Day 81!

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